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Does the Magic of Massage Chairs Really Work?

Do Massage Chairs Work?
It is a known fact that massage chairs are a new inclusion to the comfort provision sector, but the question on its functionality still remains unanswered. The unique selling proposition of a massage chair is its ability to provide optimum comfort amalgamating with paramount relaxation mechanisms.
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
As with any other popular invention, the authenticity of a massage chair is under scrutiny, a question arose about the mechanism of massage chairs as well. Everyone wants to know if the system is foolproof. It becomes mandatory to explicate what benefits massage chairs propose to offer, and how do massage chairs work.
How do Massage Chairs Work?
Massage chairs, also known as robotic massage chairs, function on the principle of mimicking a massage therapist. However, no automated device can replace the expertise of a professional masseuse, massage chairs are a value for money tool that can help you relax after a tough day at work.
The working of massage chairs is governed by various types of techniques that the massage chair devises in order to relieve back troubles. A massage chair is based on the principle of different strokes and massage therapies. The various massage strokes include:
✔ Kneading Stroke
The kneading stroke relaxes your back by facilitating blood circulation through muscles and soft tissues. If you are enduring pain in your neck or in your back, the kneading mechanism may relieve the pressure, with circular movements thus easing pressure.
✔ Kneading and Knocking Stroke
This is a synchronized stroke that combines two therapies in one. The circular motion is in sync with the intermittent movements of the knocking mechanism, thereby relieving pressure. One may feel that he/she is seated in a spa taking in the penetration of heat that is delivered by the kneading and knocking technique.
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✔ Pressing Stroke
The pressing stroke works well for your back and calves. Your back and calves derive relief when muscles have gone stiff. Muscles that have endured a sprain, making them rigid and resistant to movement are released and loosened.
✔ Rolling Stroke
Rolling stroke, also called the wavelet stroke has in-built rollers that run through the exteriors of the spine, thereby relaxing the spine of pain and minor aches. If you have had any surgery related to the spinal cord; injury or any other back ailment, make sure that you garner an expert consult before you start to use the massage chair.
✔ Stretching Stroke
The massage chair is equipped with a mechanism that is proficient in stretching the anterior and the posterior part of the body. This helps an individual to unwind, enhancing his flexibility. It also improves blood circulation and loosens stiff muscles and joints.
✔ Compression Stroke
The compression stroke is a type of massage that massages the spine with intermittent movements that helps to de-congest your system off stress. With the compression stroke, a faulty posture can be corrected due to which one may develop chronic backache.
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✔ Tapping Stroke
Tapping massage is beneficial for those who indulge in manual work. Even sedentary workers may endure fatigue and back stiffness. It is due to this that their efficiency is affected and one is not able to perform well. The tapping stroke is meant to literally tap your back to relieve the tension and pressure. It also enhances vitality and promotes effective blood circulation.
✔ Vibration Massage
The massage chair is equipped with a vibrator that aids in effective blood circulation and works towards improving digestion.
✔ Reflexology
Reflexology is a massage that presses and kneads your feet, relieving the pain and constant ache that accompanies one even when one has not exerted one's feet muscles, developing further, into chronic pains.
What to look for when Buying a Massage Chair?
To confirm your query all the more, pay attention to the different dimensions of a massage chair. Thus, when you buy a massage chair, look into matters that call for your attention:
☛ Look out for the quality of the motor, based on which the chair functions; make sure that the motor is of superior quality. Evaluate massage chair ratings to make sure what you are buying, is worth the amount you are to pay.

☛ Ensure that the massage technique you require most, is present in the massage chair mechanism. All massage chairs are not equipped with all the above mentioned techniques.
☛ Look out for the material with which it is made and also make sure that you are comfortable when you are seated on the chair. The chair must mold into reclining positions that suit your requirements and make your experience of using the massage chair relaxing-cum-pleasurable every time you use it.
If the above points are well pondered upon before buying, you may see the massage chair working wonders for you. If you have undergone any surgery concerning your back, you may well consult your doctor before using it, rather before purchasing the product. He may advise you on the intensity regulation of the massage chair that you need to follow.