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10 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

Easy Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer
Even though summer is ideal for a vacation or exploring the outdoors, the scorching heat can play a serious spoilsport. But this summer, beat the heat at its own game with these super cool tips.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Quick Tip
Indulge in swimming and other water sports to keep your body temperature cool while burning calories.
Does your throat crave something cool every few minutes? Do your clothes scream for help from all the sweating? Does your body continuously complain of the surrounding heat? Well, they're all just looking for different ways to escape the summer. But, you are prepared, aren't you?
Feel nothing but sleepy in office? Have no idea why you can't concentrate in class? And when, after waiting for ages, you do hit the bed, you don't feel sleepy at all. Yes, apart from all the sweating, summer can bring with it various other problems too.
Lack of concentration, no sleep, fatigue, all are various symptoms you might experience during the summer. However, what you must know is that it's very easy to fight the soaring temperature. Want to know how? Just go through these suggestions from Buzzle.
Eat Salads and Greens
Salads and fruits
The foods that you eat play an important role in controlling your body temperature during summers. Start your day with iced coffee or tea; it can refresh you instantly! This summer, befriend all fruits with high water content (melons, tomatoes, etc.). To that, add carbohydrate-rich foods (pita bread, rice, milk).
These will help you combat fatigue caused due to heat, and will also maintain your blood sugar levels. You lose iron through sweat, leading to even more exhaustion. For this, welcome green leafy vegetables to your kitchen. Red onions will help too. They contain quercetin, which helps fight Histamine, an irritant that causes heat rashes. Increase potassium intake to regulate body fluid (bananas, cereal, dried fruit will come to your rescue here!) Greet salmons and sardines every weekend, they will stabilize your blood sugar (which, in turn, decides your energy and hunger levels). And yes, don't worry, produce is highest during the summer, helping you achieve this diet easily.
Wear Light Clothes
Clothes for summer
Here, you need to concentrate on the best fabrics and not the best clothes to wear in summer. Well, we all know that cotton is the most preferred fabric for the summers. However, what you must remember is that cotton soaks moisture and holds it against your body.
This means, where the humidity is high, cotton might actually be a bad option. But where it's low, knock yourself out! We also know that dark colors absorb heat, while light colors reflect it, so choose pastels, and opt for whites. Allowing the sweat to evaporate is also very important, which means, you shouldn't wear something that is body hugging (Women, you can opt for blouses instead of tops!) If the heat is direct and strong, cover up. But again, only if the humidity is low. Replace all your caps with hats and headbands made of polyester. Professional women, opt for skirts instead of trousers. Men, you'll can opt for linen trousers. They're light and help your skin breathe. For professional wear, linen and silk suits are a great, and elegant option! Your fabrics should include cotton, worsted wool, linen, silk, jute, banana and bamboo fiber.
Use Natural Makeup
Mineral makeup
Well, you just can't stop wearing makeup because it's summers, can you? All you need to do, is understand what you can't and can do! Firstly, if you use foundation, use a mineral one instead of a liquid or cream-based one. Then, before applying it, use a primer so that it lasts longer.
However, use the primer 10 minutes after you have used the moisturizer (SPF 15 or more). The foundation can also be replaced with a tinted moisturizer, which is lighter on the skin and is always advised! Use a lip stain or lip balm (with SPF) instead of a creamy lipstick or a gloss. Remember, though you have the freedom to use all these cosmetics, you need to keep their usage to a bare minimum. The bronzer should be used only when necessary and only on the high points of your face. No matter what makeup you wear, and how, it will eventually need a touch-up. This makes it important that you always carry it with you. If you happen to use mascara at night, use brown instead of black, and protect it with brow gel. In summers, cosmetics tend to go bad more easily, so check yours once before use.
Exercise Indoors
Indoor exercises
While exercising, there is just one thing you need to keep in mind: heat exhaustion. This type of exhaustion is very different from the normal one we generally term as fatigue. Here, you tend to sweat in extremes. Thus, along with water, you also tend to lose salts. This has adverse effects such as dehydration, headaches, and you may even faint.
Exercises in the summer, should be light. If you happen to exercise outdoors, gradually increase the intensity of your workout, and stop whenever you feel uncomfortable. Even if you workout in an air-conditioned gym, make sure you keep drinking a little water every half an hour. Also, you should exercise early morning or in the evenings. In approximately a fortnight, your body will get used to functioning normally in the heat.
Can't Beat the Heat? Escape it!
Vacation with family
If the temperatures in your city are really too hot to handle, then take a vacation with your family. This is the easiest way to beat the heat and spend some quality time with your family.
Discover the Magic of Indoor Activities
Spa therapy
With so much entertainment and recreation outdoors, we seldom concentrate on indoor options to relax and have fun. Feel tired? Hit the spa! Need a break? Go to the movies. Need a drink? Hit the pub. While all that is perfectly alright, summers might convince you to think otherwise. Arrange for a Thai or aroma therapy massage indoors, it will give you all the energizing therapy you need.
Learn to cook different types of salads, and not sweat while doing it! Build a small garden around your home, it will help you keep the house comparatively cooler. What about the weekends? Have a party! Well, literally. Plan a summer party with foods that help you cool down after a week's work. Watch a movie with friends or family, and avoid alcohol as much as possible. Make a variety of coolers and stack them in your fridge.
Begin New Journeys
Road trip with friends
This summer, travel as much as you can. Go to the nearest water park and knock yourself out! Don't forget your sunscreen though, unless you want to tan if the heat is mild. If you haven't planned a trip anywhere yet, chances are you won't get a good deal anymore (read: inexpensive). Instead, think about places nearby, that are cooler and can be reached in a short road trip!
I would personally always suggest a water park (if the heat is mild) or a long trip (if the heat is strong!). However, for a long vacation, you need to start planning in advance.
Say Hello to Natural Air Conditioning
Open windows for cross ventilation
Vines are your best option. This is because most of them can be sustained throughout the year, and also because they grow the fastest. You will experience a cooler environment as soon as the vines grow to a considerable length. Plant them near your windows. Landscaping with shrubs will also help, especially if you spend considerable time in your basement. They will act as an insulation from the sunlight.
Tighter the curtain or drape, the better it will protect against the heat. Cross ventilation is of utmost importance while trying to escape the heat in a healthy, natural way. While the air that enters your house should be cool, it still has to flow freely. Also, the color of your wall works the same as the color of your clothes. So, prefer light paint on walls.