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Essential Apps for Recovering Alcoholics

Did you know that there are apps out there to help alcoholics on their road to recovery? Here we have listed the most useful ones. Have a look!
WellnessKeen Staff
Did you know ...
... that close to 18 million people in the U.S. struggle with alcoholism?
Statistics show that alcoholism is a serious issue today, with more and more people struggling with their addiction to the bottle. Just like other addictions, alcohol addiction is very difficult to recover from, and there are various organizations that are doing their bit by helping people find their path to sobriety.

To make things a little easier for people who have made the brave decision to say no to alcohol after years of struggling with alcoholism, there are many apps that help. This WellnessKeen article lists a few of them that are really useful. Have a look, for you can refer them to someone you know needs them.
Most Useful Apps for Recovering Alcoholics
1. Twenty-Four Hours a Day
This is the mobile app that brings the classic daily meditation book,Twenty-Four Hours a Day, to your smartphone. The book has sold over nine million copies worldwide, and has helped many alcoholics recover from their addiction. Whenever you feel weak, turn to this app for prayers, verses, thoughts, and meditation. It's inspiring and will motivate you every time. The best feature of this app is that it provides access to the content of the book whenever you need to.

Price: $4.99

2. Steps Away - 12 Step Meetings
This app helps you add and edit 12 Step meetings directly from your mobile, and also receive real-time updates. This app also provides the opportunity for social networking and access to readings. The app is designed to help you get together with like-minded people whenever you feel lonely and look for support. You can share your stories or get inspired by those of others who have been in your shoes. And the best part is that the app is free for Android and iOS users.
3. Joe & Charlie - (Alcoholics Anonymous)
This app brings to you an entertaining presentation of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Enjoy 'flipping' through the pages of the book while you're at other tasks, such as jogging or working out. An enjoyable experience for a very small amount. Joe and Charlie are friends who both love the book, and have designed the app to help people around the world who have struggled with alcoholism.

Price: $2.99

4. One Day At A Time
This app brings the Alcoholics Anonymous 'Big Book' to your smartphone, along with daily prayers, promises, and meditation. It allows you to track your progress, and provides with you with helpline numbers to call when you find yourself in difficult times. It is the only Big Book app with Passage Highlighting! It is the perfect app for your daily share of prayers and readings.

Price: The app is priced at $1.99 for Android and iOS.

5. Control Alcohol
Hypnotherapy has been used effectively in treating addiction for centuries. This app, by one of the UK's leading hypnotherapists, Darren Mark, has relaxing hypnosis audio sessions, interviews, and alcohol control tips. It is programmed to help you analyze your drinking pattern and know how much is too much. So, whether you're planning to cut down on your drinking habits, or give up drinking all together, this app is a must have for you.

Price: $4.99

Windows Phone
6. AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker
This app helps you keep a track of your drinking problem, as it acts as your personal drink diary. It helps you realize if you're drinking more than you should. There are logbooks that show consumption statistics on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, which makes it easy to share your progress with your doctor. It also comes with a built-in blood alcohol calculator.

Price: Free

7. Alcoholics Anonymous - Big Book - Original Edition
This Windows app gives you access to the Alcoholics Anonymous 'Big Book', which is the most sought-after book for people who are on their way to recovery from alcoholism. First published in 1939, it tells you how to kick the habit, one step at a time. What's more, the book has its own compilation of inspiring success stories to motivate you.

Price: $27.99

Windows Phone
8. A Recovery Pro
This is an update of the original app that brings the classic edition of the Alcoholics Anonymous 'Big Book' to your smartphone. You can read the 2nd edition and the Manuscript edition of the book offline, and also access the 4th edition while you're connected to the Internet. This app is designed to help you in your efforts to stay sober, as it allows you to set recovery goals, and motivates you to achieve them. You can also send messages to your contacts through the app.

9. Quit Drinking - Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson is a licensed hypnotist based in England, who has helped countless people from across the world to recover from addiction and fight stress. This app brings to you the inspiring words of this stress management expert that can motivate you quit drinking and overcome your cravings for alcohol. It uses hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques, and instills positive thoughts in you.

Price: $2.99

That brings us to the end of the list of apps for recovering alcoholics. If you know anyone who is struggling to cope with alcoholism, you know what to do.
Disclaimer: Prices mentioned in this article are subject to change without prior notice and do not include any promotions or offers.