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Eyesight Improvement with Age

A Few Exercises to Your Rescue for Improving Eyesight With Age

The following article will take you through some of the techniques of how to improve your eyesight with age with the help of natural means. Read to know more.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
As a person gets older, there is a high possibility that eyesight problems will develop. Diabetes, cataract, and other eye conditions will develop and affect the quality of vision. Eye exercises improve vision and help a person develop better eyesight in a natural way, without the external influences of machines and other equipment forms. In the following sections, we will concentrate on certain eye exercises that help in improving eyesight.
Eye Rolls
One of the simplest exercises is to roll the eyes clockwise and anticlockwise. 20 rolls in both directions. This helps to strengthen eye muscles.
Follow the Finger
Hold the index finger of the right hand in front of your eyes, now start turning it in the shape of a square. Starting from the upper right corner, come to the left and complete the square. Do about 10 in one direction and then change sides to start with the upper left corner and do 10 counts again.
Shut Tight
Look straight ahead and then shut your eyes tightly. Keep them in that mode for 3 seconds and then open. Keep them open for 3 seconds and shut tight again. Repeat this for 10 cycles.
Long Distance Focusing
Find an object that is at a considerable distance from your periphery of vision. Once you identify an object, stare at it markedly for 3 minutes or so. This is done so that the eye gets into the habit of focusing on objects that are at a distance and not merely concentrate on those that are close to the line of vision.
Focus on Finger
Use your index finger and place it at a little distance from the nose. Now focus your eyes at the nose. Keep looking at the nose for about 5 seconds and then shift focus to the finger. Keep in focus for 5 seconds and shift back. Do this for 10 counts.
This one relaxes the eyes and leads to improving vision as well. Sit at a desk with your elbows comfortably rested on the desk surface. Now place your right hand fingers over the left (or vice versa), so that the fingers are on top of the other. Now use the palm of both hands and place them over your closed eyes. You could even rub your palms together to generate some heat. Maintain this position for about 5 - 7 minutes.
Other than these eyesight improvement exercises you can also follow a diet which is beneficial for your eye health. These exercises will ensure great eye health and help to keep your eyesight sharp.