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False Teeth (Dentures) Cost

False Teeth (Dentures) Cost

If one is concerned about the cost of false teeth dentures after being advised by the doctor to get one, then this article helps with some information on the same.
Aakash Singh
If one has been asked by the doctor to put false teeth dentures, he/she may be skeptical about it in the beginning. However, one need not worry, as there would be hardly any visible differences between one's real teeth and the false teeth dentures. Well, after all the doctor must have advised it for one's own benefit.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are nothing but a set of artificial teeth. They are replacements for missing teeth, and they are detachable and can be removed. One would hardly be able to make out which ones are the real teeth and which ones are artificial. However, to make these dentures look like real teeth, one would have to take proper dental care.

They are made up of acrylic resin, and can be merged with different material like porcelain or different metals for that extra support. If one opts for an expensive metal or material, it would increase the cost. Dentures can be partial or complete. They are custom-fitted to enhance their usage and make them comfortable. Furthermore, they are very supportive and provide support to the muscles helping one to control their expressions and also give support to the real teeth. They help one to chew their food properly and also aid in proper pronunciation.

Price Range of Dentures

The false teeth dentures cost would vary depending on where one lives and from where he/she gets the treatment done. If one were to get the pair from a prosthodontist, the cost may range from anywhere between approx. $500 to $2,500 per arch (arch is the row of teeth either upper or lower). If one happens to do it from a cosmetic dentist, then the price may rise considerably. Over here, for denture implants, the cost may be approximate between $500 to $8,000 or more. This figure is variable and it varies as per the fabrication techniques, dental materials used, and also the experience of the dentist.

The price also depends upon how many teeth one would want to make a denture and how many dental implants he/she has got to do. If one has lost all their teeth or is on the verge of losing them, as advised by the dentist, one may choose to get one. If one has got to make just few replacements, then he/she may go with partial dentures. Whatever it may be, the doctor would be in a better position to advise.

False teeth dentures rates also highly depend upon their size, position of the gaps, how much is it needed, and also how much is the affected person able or willing to pay. Partial dentures price range is approx. $300 - $800, and if one wishes to get it in the yellow metal, i.e. gold or other expensive material, it can go up to approx. $2,000-$3,000.

For full dentures which normally comes with limited warranty, the range is from approx. $300-$500 for single plate, for entry levels. For mid-level dentures, the range can be approx. $500-$1,500. If one wants to get premium dentures, then the price range for it can be approx. $2,000- $8,000. For a dental crown, which is also known as dental cap, the price for it will be approx. $500-$3,000. This figure is just an approximate amount and the actual cost may vary depending upon the complexity of the teeth and also the material used.

If one has got dental insurance, then few of them may insure 15-20 percent of complete false teeth dentures cost. They can offer it only if there is a medical requirement for one to do it. If it is a cosmetic reason as to why you want to do it, then they may not be able to pay for it.