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Fireworks Safety Tips

15 Firework Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Those who love fireworks must learn how to enjoy it responsibly. The following tips will come handy in understanding how to handle fireworks safely and at the same time enjoy the celebration.
Rahul Dhembare
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2018
watching Fireworks
Celebration and fireworks go together; be it at the inauguration of the Olympic Games or the independence day of any country. A fireworks display makes the occasion livelier. And while children especially love to watch the magnificent display of colorful lights in a dark sky at night, they are the most vulnerable to injuries resulting from the same.
Statistics prove that children are the most affected when it comes to firework injuries. Forty percent injuries related to fireworks take place in children between the ages of 10 to 14. The US Consumer Products Safety Commission has reported that as many as 8500 individuals need treatment for injuries due to fireworks in the United States every year. The expenditure on fireworks-related injuries amounts to $100 million every year.
Quick Facts about Injuries
  • Injuries due to improper handling of fireworks can lead to first to third degree burns and lacerations and can prove to be fatal as well.
  • Most injuries affect the fingers and eyes.
  • Of all the injuries, 29% of the injuries are caused by illegal fireworks.
  • Those who light the fireworks are more prone to injuries than the spectators.
Safety Tips for Fireworks
Attend public displays of fireworks where professional pyrotechnic experts handle the fireworks--since they are the most qualified to do the work, there are minimal chances of injuries. In case you want to enjoy the fireworks by yourself there are some safety tips which can be followed.
  • Never allow children to play or ignite the fireworks without adult supervision. 
  • Buy the firecrackers from a reliable source and make sure that the instructions on the pack are read properly before handling these. 
  • It is very dangerous to light the firecrackers inside the home or a closed place. 
  • Stay as far away as possible from the firecrackers when you are lighting them because some fireworks tend to ignite in an instant.
  • Be careful about the kind of clothes you wear while using the fireworks--some clothes catch fire immediately so never use loose-fitting and synthetic clothing. 
  • If you are under the influence of alcohol, never try to light the fireworks, it will injure not only you, but also those who are near you. 
  • If the state laws do not permit the use of certain powerful fireworks, then it is always better to avoid them. 
  • Place the fireworks on a level and fixed surface so that when they are lit they won't boomerang on you or others watching the show.
  • Never crowd around the fireworks that are being ignited by someone else--it might distract their attention and could lead to a mishap. 
  • If it is too windy, do not plan the fireworks show at all. 
  • In the event of an injury due to the fireworks, use water to douse off the fire. Always keep a bucket of water ready while lighting the fireworks. 
  • Never play with fireworks while lighting them. If you have pets and animals around, get them at a secure place. 
  • If possible, carry safety glasses while lighting the fireworks. 
  • Always carry the fireworks in a container and never in your pockets or hands.
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