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Information About Home Breathalyzer

Information About Home Breathalyzer

Using a home breathalyzer is an ideal way to keep a tab on youngsters and those who drink frequently, by checking the alcohol levels in their body. It can prove helpful in preventing alcohol abuse and addiction. This WellnessKeen article puts forth some information about a home breathalyzer and its working.
Dhanya Joy
Don't drink and drive!
According to the United States Department of Transportation, about half of the deaths caused due to traffic accidents involves at least one driver with blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.16 or above.
Alcoholism or alcohol addiction is one of the major concerns that parents face with their teenage kids. According to the 'Centers for Disease Control and Prevention', alcohol ranks first among the most used and abused drugs in the U.S., and about 11% of the total alcohol consumption is done by people aged between 12 and 20. Excessive drinking can have many adverse effects over an individual's physical as well as mental health, and also on people related to that individual. One of the worst effects of drinking, is the accidents caused due to driving under the influence of alcohol, which can have many legal implications apart from being dangerous and life-threatening.
One way to keep a tab on the drinking habits of your family members is to purchase a home breathalyzer. It is a device that gives an accurate count or reading of the amount of alcohol in an individual's bloodstream. It leaves no scope for an argument or debate on the issue of excessive drinking by an individual, as it provides prompt results and is quite accurate. It has proved to be very efficient in law enforcement procedures and now even parents are finding it very helpful in monitoring their children's drinking habits.
Dr. Emil Bogen, a scientist, in his research, in 1927, made an arrested man fill a football with air from his lungs, and then tested the air inside for alcohol concentration. The result was 1.5 cc of alcohol was present in two liters of air filled in the football.

The first BAC testing kit for use on roadsides made its entry in the year 1938, which was then called the "Drunkometer". It involved a person blowing a balloon with his mouth, and then running the air from the inflated balloon through a solution, which would change its color depending on the amount of alcohol present in the air.

The breathalyzer was first invented in 1954 by Robert Borkenstein. Since then many new versions have replaced the traditional chemical oxidation and photometry method with an infrared process.
How does a Home Breathalyzer Work?
Its mechanism is simple, and it varies depending on the type of breathalyzer used. It works by calculating the total amount of alcohol in an individual's bloodstream. When alcohol is consumed, it is absorbed by the tissues of the stomach and intestines, and is not digested. To take a test, the individual must blow into a chamber present in the device. If an infrared spectrophotometer is used by the device, it scans the sample, identifies alcohol content in it, and then calculates its percentage content. If a handheld breathalyzer is used, it works by using electrochemical fuel cell technology to identify alcohol in the sample elements. The reading or result generated is based on the ratio of breath alcohol to blood alcohol, which ranges anywhere between 1700 to 2400. The reading gives the percentage of alcohol contained in the blood, and the legal limit for driving is below 0.08%.
Taking a breathalyzer test, enables you to decide whether you can legally drive or not. Asking your children to take a test, will enable you to take the required action in case they have consumed alcohol excessively or even warn them in case you feel they are developing a drinking habit.

It can be also prove to be very helpful when you are having a party at home. Your guests can take a breathalyzer test and decide whether or not they should or should not be driving.

You can also use it as a personal breathalyzer, and carry it along while attending parties, functions, and other occasions, where you feel you might need to take a test before driving back home. They also serve as great deterrents to alcoholism, alcohol addiction, and alcohol abuse among your family and loved ones, and you can take early steps in preventing these problems. They also prevent fatal accidents caused due to driving under the influence of alcohol.
Home breathalyzers are easily available in different brands and models. They are affordable, efficient, and encourage responsible drinking among alcohol consumers. However, it is always recommended to not drink and drive.