How to Make a Dust Mask

Making a dust mask is quite possible at home. When you know how to make a dust mask, you can protect yourself from getting infected with dust allergies or inhaling harmful pollutants. We have provided you some simple ways to make a dust mask at home. Read on...
WellnessKeen Staff
With rise in pollution, chances of getting infected with respiratory problems have also increased. Commuting everyday by public means of transport further exposes you to dust, smoke and fumes, which are emitted to a large extent by vehicles. All these pollutants pose severe hazards to your health when inhaled regularly by some or other means. Thus, you should always cover your nose and mouth to protect yourself from these environmental pollutants.
A dust mask is a protective device that could be easily made at home. You can wear the mask whenever you step out of home or while dusting and cleaning your house. People who are sensitive to dust allergies or have a history of asthma and bronchitis should be extra careful about this. They should always avoid coming in contact with dust particles for the health of their lungs. As already mentioned, that making a dust mask is not at all a difficult job, we provide you some guidelines over here.
Making a Dust Mask
If you have any spare clothes at home, that are clean enough to wear on your face, then utilize them for the purpose of making the mask. You can also make it with a plastic sheet and secure it on your face with an elastic band from behind your head. No matter what you wear a plastic mask or a fabric mask, make sure that you are able to breathe through it.
Plastic Mask
  • Choose a heavy duty plastic sheet for making the framework of the mask. This type of plastic is selected because it is soft and light weight. You can wear it easily without feeling any discomfort.
  • Take the measurement in a way that the length of the plastic extends till the edge of your jawline. Measure the width from the upper part of your nose till the lowest end of your chin. Make sure that your vision is not hampered. Therefore, wear the mask exposing your eyes completely.
  • The mask is rectangular in shape and stitch all the four ends with a durable string. Make a seam of 1 inch through the length of the plastic for passing the elastic band.
  • Purchase a soft, stretchable and a thin elastic, and for passing it through the seam of the mask. Pass it continuously from all the four corners of the mask and tie both the ends. This way you can adjust the flexibility of the mask.
  • The mask is now ready, and you can adjust the elastic strap from behind your ear. You can change the elastic belt and put in a longer one if you feel extremely compact after wearing it.
Fabric Mask
  • Cotton being porous and light, probably makes the best fabric to make a dust mask. You can use your cotton shirts, stoles or purchase one meter of cotton fabric for making the dust mask.
  • Cut two strips from your cotton shirt or the fabric. Keep the width of each strip in the range of four-five inches. Keep the fabric long enough so that you can fasten it easily from behind your head.
  • Stitch all the ends of both the strips to give a neat cut to it. Now, the trick lies in wrapping the fabric strips on your mouth, so that they take the shape of a mask. We explain you the process in the next points.
  • Secure the center of one strip on the upper part of your nose and take its ends behind your head. Tie a knot at the nape of your neck, so that it doesn't come out.
  • Place the center of the other strip on your mouth and bring the ends on the top of your head and then fix it with a knot. Adjust the tightness according to your comfort level and pull the second strip till your lower jaw. Keep the strips a little loose for easy breathing.
Now that you know how to make a dust mask, you can opt for any of these types. A dust mask is necessary while traveling and this way you can protect your lungs and also your skin from the environmental pollutants. You can purchase a medically approved gas and vapor mask if you are exposed to heavy pollution regularly. Nevertheless, always keep a homemade dust mask with yourself and feel free to use it whenever required.