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5 Ways That Show How to Make a Warm Compress Easily

How to Make a Warm Compress?
Be it pain, sprains, stye, stress, discomfort, or muscle cramps, a simple warm compress will reduce your pain.
Shruti Bhat
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
warm compress
Add a few drops of essential oils into the water you're using for the compress. This will help relieve you of the pain from swelling.
A warm compress widens the blood vessels thus increasing blood circulation. It also reduces inflammation and encourages faster healing and pain relief. Though you will find electric compresses or heating pads in any pharmacy, it is always safer and easier to use a homemade easy-to-use warm compress. A warm compress can be used on multiple parts of your body viz. eyes, jaw, face, ear, and limbs. It can also be used for multiple ailments like stye, headache, boils, cyst and swelling.
If you choose to use a warm compress on stye, pimples, or cyst, make sure to wash the cloth or any other reusable material with disinfectants. This will prevent any infection from spreading.
A Few Things to Remember Before You Begin
  • The compress should not be heated for over a minute.
  • Do not keep the warm compress in the same spot for too long as it can burn.
  • Dab it around lightly every few minutes.
  • Remove the compress if it gets uncomfortable. And don't apply heat for more than 15 mins.
  • Do not use warm compress directly on an acute swelling.
  • Do not use warm compress on open wounds and stitches, especially if you are a diabetic or suffer from poor blood circulation.
How to Make a Warm Compress in a Microwave
1. Damp a washcloth with water and lightly squeeze out the excess water.
2. Fold the cloth and place it in a sealer zip microwave-safe bag.
3. Place the bag in the microwave and set it for 45 sec.
4. Seal the bag shut. Place it in a thin towel or pillow case, with the help of the tongs.
5. Wrap this towel case around so that the bag does not slid out.
6. Wrap the compress around the affected area.
7. Remove the towel every 8-10 mins. before reapplying. This will prevent your skin from burning.
How to Make a Warm Compress in a Stove
warm compress
1. Heat a dry skillet on a stove.
2. Take a thick washcloth and fold it.
3. Lightly rub the folded washcloth on the pan for up to a minute. The heat of the skillet will pass on to the cloth.
4. Take it off the pan and lightly touch it with you fingers to see its temperature.
5. Use the cloth directly if the temperature suits you. But, if the cloth is too hot, place it in a thinner towel before using it.
How to Make a Warm Compress for Stye
1. Wash your hands with soap before you begin. This will prevent any germ contamination onto the compress.
2. Prepare some warm water either on the stove or by heating some water in the microwave.
3. Fold a soft washcloth and moisten it into this water.
4. Gently squeeze out the excess water and press it onto your closed eye(s).
5. Repeat this process every few seconds to keep the cloth warm.
How to Make a Warm Compress with a Hot Water Bottle
warm compress
Wrap a wet dishcloth around a hot water bottle and lay it on your face on your closed eyes. This way the cloth will stay warm longer.
How to Make a Warm Compress with Rice Warm Compress
warm compress
Things You'll Need
1. Microwave
2. Clean cotton tube sock (without holes)
3. Uncooked Rice
4. Glass

1. Place the sock over a drinking glass, to ensure that the sock opening is wide enough for you to pour in the rice.
2. Carefully pour the rice into the socked glass.
3. Knot the sock shut so that none of the rice grains fall out.
4. Place the knotted rice compress into the microwave and heat it for 40 - 45 seconds. The timing may vary as per the size of the rice compress, as well as power of the microwave. Therefore, adjust the time accordingly.
5. Once heated, retrieve the compress from the microwave. Carefully check the temperature of the sock. If it is too hot, shake it around for a few seconds to evenly distribute the heat, this will also help it cool down to the temperature you require.
Be extra careful with the temperature when it comes to your eyes or any other sensitive areas. Don't forget to consult your doctor before you begin with any kind of home remedies including a warm compress.