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How to Prevent a Hangover

There are steps that you can take to avoid the throbbing hangover the day after a fun night. This article lists some ways to ensure that you prevent a hangover.
It is really awful when a fun night is followed by a terribly painful day of hangovers. Hangovers can be avoided if you put in some efforts during the night of drinking. Here are some tips:
Know Your Limit
Be aware of your body's limit. Not everyone can consume the same amount and still hold their liquor. Listen to your body. When you feel like you are high enough, stop drinking. 75% of people experience hangovers, which goes to show that 25% people know when to stop drinking. Take it slow and make sure you don't get completely wasted.
Avoid Dehydration
Hangovers are caused due to being dehydrated. Make sure you drink ample water during your drinking session. Dilute the alcohol with water, and take sips of water between drinks as well. Coupling your drinks with fruits also helps you stay hydrated.
Eat Your Food
Eating before or along with the alcohol reduces the absorption of alcohol by the body. This not only reduces the possibility of you getting completely wasted, but it also gives your body enough strength to avoid a hangover. This will also reduce the amount of alcohol you consume as well.
Avoid Concentrated Alcohol
The less concentrated the drink, the lesser the chances of a hangover. For example, instead of going for a whiskey on the rocks, you can have it with water. Try a rum and coke instead of rum neat.
Light Over Dark-colored Drinks
Lighter-colored drinks are less likely to cause a hangover as compared to darker ones. Choosing a vodka or gin over a rum or whiskey is a better option. When mixing a drink, choose mixers that are non-carbonated. Carbonated mixers increase alcohol absorption in the body.
Stick to One
Do not mix your drinks. If you have started the night with a certain alcohol, stick with it. Do not have different types of alcohol during the same drinking session. Mixing drinks leads to nausea and a terrible hangover the next morning.
Be Happy High
It is often noticed that a person having a "happy high" is less susceptible to a hangover as compared to a person on a "depressed high". This means that if you are in a good mood while drinking, not only will you have control on your mood and alcohol, you will also avoid a hangover. However, if you are upset and sad while drinking, you will tend to drink more, thus leading to a terrible hangover.
It is important to remember that no matter how much fun you may have while drinking, a hangover can ruin the memory of it. Drink responsibly and your fun night will not be ruined in the morning.