How to Set up a Hot Stone Massage

How to Set up a Hot Stone Massage

The technique of massaging using hot stones is one of the most demanded spa service. The following article will help you set up your own hot stone massage, wherever you want.
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Hot stone massage is also known as the 'Healing Massage'. The technique used in this massage is based on primitive stone traditions and scientific studies and observations. Stones used in this technique are naturally made and are smooth and flat. This form of massage is extremely relaxing and has a therapeutic effect.


Listed below are the things you would need to set up a hot stone massage. This massage therapy is getting more and more attention and is being more demanded recently. You would need this list if you want to set up a hot stone massage section in your parlor or at home. However, it is important that this technique of massage has been mastered by the therapist as, there are directions one must follow and a few pressure points on the body that are to be focused on, in hot stone massage therapy.

Set of Sheets3
Massage oil (Preferably use Jajoba oil, Grape-seed oil or Sunflower oil).As per need. *Don't use cream or lotions as substitutes and check if the person who is to be massaged has any allergies while you choose a massage oil.
Massage Stone Heater1- 18 Qt.
Basalt Stone set a.k.a Lava Stones50 Piece set.
Hand Towels 3
Large towel or Blanket2
Bowl with cold Water1
Chlorine Free- shock ProductAs per Requirement
Waterproof Cooking Thermometer1
Plastic Slotted Spoon1
Small Mesh Bags2
Medium Mash Bags2

Setting up a Hot Stone Massage

Setting up a hot stone massage will first require setting up of the massage table, sanitizing the stones, heating the stones and then finally massaging with the stones specified for a particular body area.

Step 1. Place a sheet or a towel on the massage table.

Step 2. Ask your client to relax on it.

Step 3. Sanitize the stones using a chlorine-free shock product.

Step 4. First give a regular massage to your client to warm up.

Step 5. Heat the stones by placing a napkin in the stone heater and arrange the stones horizontally on it.

Step 6. Maintain a temperature between 120 to 140ºF and always use a thermometer to measure the temperature. Make sure that the stones are not over heated.

Step 7. Once the stones are heated, remove them with the help of the plastic slotted spoon and put the stones in bowl of cold water for some seconds.

Step 8. Touch the stones and confirm that they are not very hot.

Step 9. Now, replace your hand with holding a stone in your palms and continue massaging.

Step 10. You will find a variety in the sizes of the massage stones. Each shape and size is for a particular body area. Place and use the stones as per its use. A few stones are specifically meant to be placed on points along your spine, a few stones (small) between the toes.

If you don't know about how to use the stones you should take up a course on hot stone massage. There are several training courses and modules available for training in hot stone massage. You could enroll yourself for one of these programs if you want to become a professional hot stone massage therapist.

A hot stone massage reaches the deepest layer of the body tissues. Massage stones remain hotter as they are iron-rich stones. Its effects can also be noticed with the first treatment. Even with a gentle pressure the therapist can still attain an intense therapy. Whenever you are planning to get a hot stone massage, make sure that you learn a little about your therapist's knowledge and experience. As one who doesn't know how to do it, could damage a muscle or a tissue.

Warning: Hot stone massage therapy cannot be used by those who have diabetes, high-blood pressure and are pregnant. If a person has any severe health issue, consult a doctor and get an approval from him before going ahead with the therapy.