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You CAN Sleep With Your Eyes Open. Here's How to Do It

How to Sleep With Your Eyes Open
Are you new to the concept of sleeping with your eyes open? Frankly, when I read about sleeping with eyes open for the first time, I was astounded; obviously, because I hadn't heard about it ever in my life. As funny as it may sound, it actually isn't. That is what I realized after reading about this strange, yet interesting idea of sleeping. Simply put, it is a kind of meditation technique.
Mrunmayi Deo
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
First up, you need to understand that sleeping with your eyes open is not a normal habit for any individual. It is a form that needs to be practiced. Being humans, we all sleep with both eyes shut, mainly to avoid any disturbance to the visual stimulus as well as for preventing the eyelids from drying out, which could otherwise cause eye problems later on in life.

There are a few animals that sleep with their eyes open, but that is only for defense purposes and not meditation.
An aspect that you need to be aware of is that this habit isn't a good sign as such. It is often related to many sleeping disorders such as lagophthalmos (sleeping with one eye open), and not considered good for health. However, it is good to practice it as awareness or mindfulness meditation, wherein both the eyes need to be partially opened.
Meditation, as we all are aware, acts as an excellent stress reliever by keeping our mind calm and stable. The same principle applies here too.
  • For starting with it, your mind needs to be in a good and stable state. Relax and lie down on the bed or floor.
  • Next, make your mind firm on a particular object or thing in such a way that you observe the object, and do not analyze it. Just observe the colors or appearance.
  • Do not think about anything, or analyze for that moment.
  • Now close your eyes half way; half closed and half open.
  • Stay calm and do not move. Try to concentrate firmly; do not move or roll, since it could distract you.
  • If you are going about correctly, you would soon be in a half asleep and half meditating state. You will experience the benefits gradually. In case your eyes pain too much or become watery, stop right there.
Honestly, it is difficult to comment on its effectiveness, wherein it might work for some, while it might not for others. This seems to be one of the very good meditation techniques. Thus, try it out, as there is no harm in doing so.