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An Easy Guide on How to Take Care of Hearing Aid Batteries

How to Take Care of Hearing Aid Batteries
If you have recently started using a hearing aid, and are wondering about the performance of its battery, then go through the tips provided in this WellnessKeen post that will help you increase the life of your hearing aid batteries.
Niharika Arya
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Quick Fact
A hearing aid battery lasts anywhere between 3 to 22 days, depending upon the type of battery, usage, type of hearing aid, and maintenance.
Hearing aids work efficiently when their batteries work properly. These batteries come in various shapes and sizes, depending upon the type of hearing aid. To make it work effectively, you have to take proper care of the batteries. Find out how to take care or the batteries and the hearing aid in the following paragraphs.
Tips to Maintain Hearing Aid Batteries
Here are few tips which will help you to maintain your battery in a good condition and will also increase its life.
✔ Keep Batteries and the Instrument Clean
Keep the batteries and connector clean, as dust and other foreign matter will hinder the function of the batteries. Clean the batteries and connector with a lint-free cloth, and wipe off the dust. Hold the batteries with the help of a small forceps or holder, and then place them properly. Ensure that your hands are clean before changing the battery.
✔ Store Batteries at Normal Temperature
This will keep the chemicals in the batteries safe. Do not refrigerate them. Exposing the batteries to extreme temperatures will result in draining the battery power and shortening of battery life.
✔ Let out the Moisture
At night, when the hearing aid is not in use, open the battery compartment, and leave it open overnight. This will let out the moisture in the batteries, and will save it from corroding and damaging other parts of the hearing aid. If you are not using the hearing aid for a long period, then remove the batteries and keep them in a safe place.
✔ Remove the Dead Batteries
As soon as you realize the batteries are dead, remove them immediately. Completely discharged batteries may swell, and will be difficult to remove. They can also damage the hearing aid.
Changing a hearing aid battery
✔ Do Not Buy Batteries in Bulk
It is advisable to buy only the required amount of batteries and some more, for emergency. But avoid buying them in bulk. Like other batteries, hearing aid batteries also have a shelf life. So, it is possible that some batteries might expire even before you use them. Check for the expiry date before buying them.
Hearing aid and its batteries
✔ Don't Open Until Needed
Do not remove the packaging until you are ready to use them. It is sealed pack so that the batteries do not come in contact with air, moisture, and dust which can lower the efficiency of the batteries. So, open a new one only when the old battery is dead.
✔ Store the Batteries in a Proper Place
Keep the unused batteries in a dry place. Follow the instructions given for proper storage. Batteries are poisonous, hence, keep them out of reach for kids. Used batteries should be disposed properly.
✔ Use Right-sized Batteries
Hearing aids are available in varying shapes and sizes. There are small to very small instruments also, which are barely visible. All these hearing aids require different size of batteries according to their structure. So, get the right-sized battery for your instrument. This will protect your hearing aid from damage, and will also help the batteries function properly and for a longer time.
Hearing aid and batteries
These were some tips on hearing aid battery care. Follow these tips to increase the life of the battery and efficiency of the hearing aid.