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Is it Safe to Drink Your Urine?

Is it Safe to Drink Your Urine?

Yes! Drinking your own urine is safe, and in fact if this practice is followed regularly in a particular way then, it can have positive effects on your well-being. Read more...
WellnessKeen Staff
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Is it safe to drink your own urine? I am here to answer this question of yours. Even the thought of consuming your own urine can gross many people out. But I have known and heard a lot about something known as "Urine Therapy", so I am able to accept it and it does not really gross me out.

Evidence of urine therapy has been found in almost all religions. Though, in the Hindu or rural Indian tradition, drinking one's own urine is considered as a medicinal therapy. It is also known as, 'Shivambhu Kalpa', 'Amaroli', and 'Gudmarani'. "Damar Tantra" is a Hindu religious text which describes 107 uses or benefits of urine.

Urine Drinking - Damar Tantra

The text 'Damar Tantra' states that the one who drinks his first urine of the day will never fall ill. But that has to be done in a particular way and following some traditions or rules. One who wants to drink his own urine has to collect it in utensils made up of "Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Iron, Clay, Ivory, Glass, Wood from sacred trees, Bones, Leather and Leaves". Out of which copper utensils are considered to be the best containers. One must quit having salty and bitter food, and should have a light dinner, everyday. The practitioner should get up when three-fourth of the night has passed i.e about 3-4 a.m, and collect his/her urine after letting go the initial and the last part of it, facing the east side. The middle portion of the urine flow should be collected in a copper vessel and then should be drunk. It is believed that anyone who follows this practice will be able to overcome any form of mental and physical illnesses. If one consumes one's own urine for a month, he will be purified internally, if one consumes it for two months then his energies and senses will be awakened, and if one has it for three months then all his ailments and troubles will be washed away. Similarly, if one consumes his own urine for 13 years he overcomes all diseases and attains the ultimate stage of salvation.

Even the mention of drinking one's own urine has been mentioned in the bible. Jesus said that, "Drink waters from thy own cistern, flowing water from thy own well."

Benefits of Drinking One's Urine

1. Cures skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, and even skin cancer, if urine is massaged on skin.
2. Cures ear pain if one pours some drops of his own urine in his ear.
3. Cures jellyfish sting, when one's own urine is poured on it.
4. It is believed that it can also cure cancer, though there is no scientific evidence for the same.
5. Increases immunity.
6. The activity of leukocytes increases.

But Isn't Urine Toxic?
Yes! That is what we all think that our urine is toxic because we have been so used to excreting it, considering it as a waste. Though many of the beliefs and benefits have not been proven scientifically, there can be logical explanations for its possibilities. Let's begin with learning about the constituents of our urine.

Urine Constitutes:

Water - 95%
Urea - 2.5%

Urea contains salt, enzymes, hormones, minerals, and bacteria, but is not really a waste toxic product. Though there is some amount of toxin in it, but urine therapy is not meant to cure you like a medicine. In fact, it works like a vaccination, wherein some toxins when injected into your body, increases your immunity by fighting the other forms of toxins. It is a method of self vaccination.

How it's Done
For those who want to try it, I will tell you how you should do it.

1. The first midstream urine should be used for drinking.
2. In the urine therapy you are advised to drink your urine like tea and not like water; sip by sip.
3. Urine passed after 3 or 4 a.m should be used, and not before that.
4. There is no particular amount of prescribed quantity to drink. You can drink as much as you can.
5. Prepare yourself mentally and get yourself out of the mental blocks about urine. It will definitely take sometime for you to get used to the smell and the taste, but once you are determined and have accepted the science behind it, it will be easy.
6. Excessive intake of salt and pungent food should be avoided.

So, for all those who wanted to know if drinking your urine is safe or no, I hope you have got your answer. Yes, it is safe. But if you have some infection or some ailment it is better to avoid drinking your urine at that time and instead start off once you recover.