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Medical Alert Systems for the Elderly

Medical Alert Systems for the Elderly

Medical alert systems are proving to be a boon in disguise for seniors living alone. Read on, to know more about these systems.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Medical alert systems are devices which are associated with providing immediate healthcare to individuals during emergency. They are mostly useful for elderly people living alone. However, they can also be useful for children suffering from asthma or other such illnesses. There are various different types of medical alert systems for the elderly available in the market. One needs to take into consideration various factors before choosing one.

Medical Alert Systems for the Elderly

Medical alert systems are made of different components such as a wireless radio transmitter, a base unit with a console, microphone and a two-way speaker. The system is connected to an external emergency response unit. The radio transmitter is embedded in a small device which needs to be worn by an individual. Medical alert devices for the elderly usually come in the form of necklace, bracelet or an anklet. These devices are equipped with an ultra sensitive microphone and a radio transmitter. They are waterproof, hence can be worn while taking shower as well.

If an emergency strikes, all the person has to do is push the button on the alert device. A signal is then send to the base unit attached to a telephone line. An automated call is then made to the external monitoring station. This activates the microphone and two way speaker. If the person is conscious enough to talk, he can inform about his health condition through the microphone. The operator at the monitoring station may ask a few questions to assess the situation, so that the appropriate healthcare squad can be sent. He may also give certain instructions to the patient to keep him calm and conscious. In cases, when an emergency call is made but communication cannot be established with the patient, an emergency squad reports to the site within 10 minutes.

This system is proving to be of great help to individuals who have to live alone. Even elderly people living with families have to spend long hours on their own. Any emergency may arise during such times. A medical alert system ensures that an elderly gets immediate and proper medical assistance. These systems can also relieve the families of elderly from stress and concern, so that they too can go on with lives of their own. These systems have saved the lives of thousands of elderly people so far.

Choosing the Best Medical Alert System

As mentioned above, there are several medical alert systems to choose from. Manufacturers of each of these product claim theirs to be the best. However, one needs to study their options carefully, before buying as it is concerned with the life of a person. Compare systems available to you and make an assessment based on various factors. Choose one which has good range indoors as well as outdoors. Usually indoor range is about 80 to 300 feet, whereas outdoor range is anywhere between 600 to 1,500 feet. You may also need to go for one with long battery life. Battery life of these products ranges from 12 hours to 80 hours. You may also want to rely on manufacturers who have their own monitoring station rather than those who outsource this service. Besides, cost is yet another factor that you might not want to overlook while buying a medical alert system.

Thus, medical alert systems can definitely improve the life of your old parents or grandparents. However, make sure you choose the system that is highly efficient and reliable.