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22 Most Common Health Mistakes We Make And Ways to Avoid Them

Most Common Health Mistakes We Make
The so-called "common" knowledge, in the face of poised polarity, is as rare as hen's teeth. While viewing that bigger picture of life, we tend to forget and forgo the trifle that vans us through the years, and that trifle, sadly is our health. Perhaps, it's about time we dunk, and sweat the small stuff!
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017
You are being watched! Scanned, if I may say so! Who's doing it? Well, if you are square on this one, here's the deal. While you surf the supermarket aisle, looking for your preferred granola bar, have you ever, from the corner of the eye, caught a halo of curiosity peering at your choice that just went "flump" into your cart? Or, while you were at the wheel draining Diet Coke and biting into a mayo muffin, ... ever felt pinned by a fleeting glance from a bespectacled co-driver? Or, while you update the world with quagmire statuses at the most happening hubs, (Don't need a prompt here, do you?) and turning off the lights at 3 a.m., ... did you feel monitored while you were preparing to crawl to bed?
Yes, you may have an uninvited pair of eyes wincing at every move you make. No, it's not the black-goggled espionage department tracking you; they are doctors -- experts in their own fields. On second thoughts, doctors, indeed, are spies; they spy on our health, and most have it in them to keep that tunnel shut, while they spy us doing the "odds" in the name of good health as we think, we do the "evens." And this is where we pitch in to spell out the "sadly mistakens."
Those (Un)Healthy Ways
Tsk, Tsk, Take the Stairs, Will You?
Take the stairs
You see, each time my eyes fall prey at the site of someone waiting for the elevator to car them from level 3 to level 2, I am reminded of a popular track from Madagascar, "I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it. I like to ... ." MOVE IT! Common! you sure can walk down the stairs. For one, it's faster (most of the time); you reach level 2, even before the car arrives at level 3. Health-wise, it's an out-and-out thumbs up. It increases your heart rate for good, giving you a free workout session in the bargain. In short, heart health wins. Take the elevator if you are taken ill, unless you are hellbent on wasting time, or you have a fascination with elevator rides ... I think I better leave it there!
Groggy? Blame Yourself.
Acting Groggy
Sleep deprivation affects your health no end. For one, it can only be nasty to you. You may blow up/down/in/out/left/right/center an innocent soul, not knowing why you did it in the first place. Certainly, it has a major role to essay in life. Sleeping less than 8 hours is not a good sign -- for you and for those who have to bear the brunt, when you don't have a sufficient shut-eye. Sleep deprivation may also lead to an imbalance of hormones causing weight gain. Anxiety and depression follow suit (As expected!). A number of accidents happen, courtesy of a driver, who tried to catch a wink while at the wheel. Perhaps, there is nothing better than this one to teach us the value of a proper snooze!
BreakFast ... Break that Word.
Breaking Fast
You know your system fasts after you are done with the last meal for the day. For instance, if you dine at 8, and have breakfast at 8 next morning, it's been 12 hours your system has sustained this way. Now, if you skip breakfast, add 5 hours on an average to 12. What do we get? The body remains hungry for 18 hours. It needs to break the 12-hour fast to up the metabolism, to burn more calories, and to keep your weight in check.
Coffee at 6? ... No.
No Coffee Time
It's simple. Cut cords with coffee after 2 p.m. Why? Try not to follow this, and you will get the answer when you stay up with the owls, while the world sleeps grunting, puffing, and whistling. Some are in the habit of ordering a cup of coffee (Mind you, it's decaf, huh!) several burps after dinner. Now, that's disaster in the making. And the show goes on when you fail to fall asleep; or even if you do, deep sleep is just a "dream" for the night!
Let Your Workstation Breathe
Breather for Workstation
You are busy at work, acceptable. You lunch at your desk BECAUSE you are busy at work, unacceptable. To lunch at the workstation, with the desktop and keyboard for company, is not very good an idea. Skipping breaks may fetch you the desired returns at work; however, the same goodness does not apply to your health. Besides, when you are flooded with work, it's the only element running on your mind. The effect is, you don't eat; you overeat. The rest is history ... and your future! Another reason why you would like to give your desk some me time: Your workstation, precisely the motherboard, consists of more germi-culture than a toilet seat. Yuck!
If Only I Had 26 Hours, I Would ... .
More Time Needed
This is what we call human. Hungry for more. A day of 26 hours is only possible if the world dissolves now! Hello! We still exist, so, the world has not dissolved. Futile, right? Well, understand that crunching a 26-hour schedule into 24, IS futile. Failure is bound to greet you. Acknowledge that your body, ironically called a system, is not a machine, after all. As a matter of fact, even machines go flub when overloaded, so why not your body? Work is essential, but assigning a time slot to be with the self, probably can't be worded. Do what you can, and not all you can; get the drift? Spend time with your family, take to music, take a stroll; just give work a break!
What Would You Prefer -- Wine or Wit?
Wine Over Wit
An occasional "raise-a-toast-to" is fantastic to give you wings. However, when the occasional becomes ongoing, it's dangerous. Drinking in moderation, even if it means regularly, may not be as dangerous as drinking one large at one go. Saving the "units" during weekdays, only to compensate for it on the weekends, may not be an encouraging idea. Complementing the statement is an evidence which spells that young women may consume more than five units in a go, while their counterparts have the capacity for eight and more units. Your liver suffers undue stress, and conditions, like cancer, ulcers, and strokes may follow suit. It doesn't really matter how well you hold your glass; it all boils down to how well you hold your wit!
Don't Douche
No Douching
Women think douching is healthy. Apologies for overriding this so-called "evident-cum-obvious" perception, but douching is an absolute no-no. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 40% of women douche daily. Not good. Even worse, some women douche even before they are to meet their gynecologist. Now, now, why is this needed? You are to meet your gynecologist; the story ends there, does it not? Know that the activity of douching may throw you over the edge, increasing your chances of enduring bacterial vaginosis. Besides, your vagina balances its bacterial flora; it needs no assistance whatsoever in cleaning itself. It maintains a self-swishing system -- don't mar the continuity.
Why Lie?
Two Men Lying
Lying has another effect besides the proverbial "nose getting longer with each cross." Whether you are complimenting your friend for hosting a/an (un)flattering dinner party, or bragging about an avant-garde "Louis Vuitton" outfit you picked up from the street load (Were you duped?), don't lie. It may seem a good get-away at first; however, it won't serve you long. Health-wise, it increases stress and brings about instances of headaches and more often than not, a runny nose as well. Now you know what to blame when you have that bony faucet leaking!
Heels, Flip-flops, and All that's in Between
Heels With Flip Flops
You won't wear flip-flops to attend a conference, will you? How about high-brow heels to fetch a loaf of brown bread from a store a stone's throw away from your residence? (Someone, please tell me it's a no!) No shoe is a taboo; you can wear them when you please. It's a free country, after all. However, high-heeled shoes, boots even, may hurt your back, your knees, and your hip. If you plan to sport boots on a regular basis, get hold of orthotic arches and replace them with the insoles. You will live longer ... your knees, back, and hip would bless you no end for a favor of this ilk!
Your Toothbrush Is Mighty Old, Is It Not?
Changing Toothbrush
A lot of us on the other side of this page may not find anything extraordinary about changing our toothbrush. What's the big deal? Puncture the brush case, and hang it at the stands! Easy? Yes. Do we do this often? No. There is a huge number that uses their toothbrush until the bristles fall out. Not good. Frayed bristles may harm the enamel, and poke the gums. The result is weak gums and shaky teeth. So, when you see the bristles fall out, change your toothbrush.
Allergic to Continuity, Are We?
Allergic To Continuity
If you are not religious about taking your medicines, you are inviting trouble to knock you down. A popular reason on board is, you felt much better and didn't feel continuing with the course was necessary. Seriously, weren't we told that braking the course midway may welcome a relapse? We don't want this, do we? While you may feel way better during the treatment, know that there are probabilities of a relapse. Finish the course for permanent relief.
Dial D for Doctor
Dial Doctor
If you are one amongst the clan that procrastinates visiting the doctor for an annual checkup, think again. You maybe doing more harm than good. Women ignore the subtle changes that happen within their body. They put family first; health is nowhere in the vicinity. If detected early, a number of conditions that take a fatal turn may be averted. Take time off work and family for a thorough health assessment. Chest pain may be a sign of acidity; it may also be a sign of cardiac crises. Can you tell the difference? Attending an annual physical checkup is the answer to reduce the degree of crises.
Why Act the Quack?
Acting Quack
It's been an age-old panacea to comply to your self-signed prescription. While going to the doctor is considered next to one grinning ordeal, know that a visit to the practitioner's clinic may position you safe than sorry. If you start a treatment without consulting an expert, only because your Aunt felt better with it, it's a grave mistake. Each case is different. Let the doctor take a look at yours, and decide the line of treatment thereafter. Do not jump the gun, and take action. Know that your health concerns end best at the doctor's clinic and not at your Aunt's doorstep.
Ditch Those Diet Pills
No Diet Pills
In the age of size zeros and minus ones, it's no wonder, women find these pills far enchanting than following a healthy regimen. These high-order pills are dummy diuretics that work toward draining the water content from your body. To add to the special effects, you gain the water weight lost before you bat an eyelid. Think about it. The amount you spend on those pills may be invested in visiting a dietitian.
It's Time You Bought a New "One"
New Lingerie
Yes, let's face it ladies! Breasts need ample support, and your bra should fit you perfectly. Otherwise, a strain on your musculoskeletal system may lead to a weak posture, back pain, and neck spasm. Ill-fitting oldies, simply must be shown the door (I don't mean it, literally!) If you are not sure about your cup size, visit a specialty store where they advise you on what size and type is suitable for you.
Who's in There -- You or the Pillows?
Pillows with You
This is often the case when you see less of the person and more pillows on the bed. Not strange, really, considering the number that does this! They sleep with an army of pillows to barricade them. Agreed, the position is unimaginably comfortable, but spare some mercy on your neck. It goes for a toss each time you wake up with it being sore and pinching. Have a thin pillow to support your neck and one that is slightly thick, to support your back. Bottom line: Two is enough, ten ... no words, seriously.
Dear Fitness, I Will Miss You!
So, we all know why we must devote an hour of the clock to exercising. How we wish we had a beach body, but that's exactly where the "conditions apply"! Unfortunate, but true; we don't have a Ginnie to drop our dream bubbles to reality. Simply put, to stay taut, exercise is demanded. Some of us have a tendency to position health and fitness on the back burner, and it stays there until we sweat bullets for our well-being. It's like waiting for a cardiac crises to strike, for us to kick-start a regimen. Be sapient, and change now.
Sitting Ladylike Is Not Good Ladies!
Now, this is officially official. That dainty leg cross may act cross with your health. Besides, the blood circulation is hampered while you opt to seat yourself in this manner. If you do not want those spider veins mapping their way through your legs, unlearn this supposedly "stately style" of posing when seated. Sitting with your legs together on one side is also a posture you may adopt. As for being graceful to a T, know that it comes naturally to women! You may go ahead ... correct me if I am wrong!
For the Love of God, Cover Your Mouth
Cover Your Mouth
This is applicable to all those who feel spraying their "blessing" around is no issue. It's common courtesy to cover your mouth if you cough, and your nose, if you sneeze. It gets worse when someone next to you hasn't stocked up on tissues. Keep a fold prepared if you are aware of the explosions. Direct them deep into your kerchief. Be cavalier about people occupying space around you. They may catch the infection. And you know you are the culprit if they do. And you also know what goes around, comes around, don't you?
Is That Fat-free Mayo in Your Cart?
Fat Free Mayo
Are you sure diet food is the ultimate find? Think again. I insist. When you visit the supermarket one fine day, notice the density of the section where you find the "healthy" stuff. It's a crowd. Some look so enthusiastic they brim their carts with fat-free mayo, fat-free cheese, fat-free salad garnish. Enthusiasm is good, but for the right things. The point is, if you love the sight of grated cheese melting over a sunny side up for a sumptuous breakfast, go for the real deal. Just curb the oscillation on the grater, so you consume less, but you do consume, nonetheless. Why settle for a body-double? You are bound to feel more content with yourself for eating the original and less guilty for staying committed to your diet plan. Besides, some fat-free options are not really fat free. To supplement the absence of calories, they add sugar. Hmm ... do I say more?
High Time You Call Sugar on the Carpet!
Banning Sugar
If you have gained an extra pound or two, you might abuse the weighing scale for breaking such obnoxious news to you. If you look years older than your actual age, you might beat the rep of your anti-aging serum black and blue. However, if you are an ardent sugar lover, you might as well shift your aspersions here. It's that pot of sugar sitting on the shelf that is to blame. Ditch sugar, and include fiber and protein for breakfast. It fuels you for the day, keeps your cholesterol levels in check, and averts the probability of cardiac crises. It may not be "that great" to taste, but it's good nonetheless. And health comes first, you agree, don't you? High sugar levels lead to glycation -- a process that hampers the suppleness and elasticity of your skin, causing wrinkles and premature aging. As for the waistline expansion, ask your pajamas; do they feel the stretch?
Dump these old ways to commit to the new ones because health, once lost, is hard to regain. "Old is gold," needn't stay pat each time!