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Non-Prescription Eyeglasses

Non-Prescription Eyeglasses

Finding non-prescription eyeglasses is an extremely easy task, but there are a few things to consider before you do that.
Rutuja Jathar
From serving their original purpose of vision correction, eyeglasses have come a really long way to be a hit fashion statement. That is the reason why non-prescription spectacles are so popular amongst people of all age groups. These are clear-lens glasses that come with various eye-catching rim styles, designs, and patterns. Most of the time, these are confused with reading glasses that are prescribed to people who are suffering with presbyopia. Let us differentiate between the two totally different kinds of eyeglasses without prescription that we are discussing. One of them are actually worn solely for fashion purposes, and the other one are worn for the sole purpose of vision correction.

As I said earlier, fashion eyeglasses are worn for being trendy and fashionable. One of the best example of non prescription glasses is sunglasses. Sunglasses are pretty common and one can buy them at any store without prescription. They protect our eyes from sunrays and UV rays, and they also make us look fashionable. From ordinary people to glittering celebrities, all have warmly welcomed their latest trends. Apart from sunglasses, people also like to wear clear lens eyeglasses that have no vision correction ability. Such fake glasses are in vogue these days, unlike yesteryears, when people with glasses were assumed as being uncool. They are available in men, women, and unisex types.

Cheap Eyeglasses

Cheap non prescription glasses are vision correction lenses that are worn by patients of presbyopia, which is an eye problem that arises due to aging. These are over-the-counter glasses that are available at all sorts of pharmacist outlets. These glasses are a great escape from the numerous visits to an optometrist; all you need to do is to carry out a bit of research on eyewear trends and purchase the one that has the best vision correction for you. Purchasing these cheap glasses is pretty inexpensive and easy, as you do not need a prescription to buy them. But you need to keep eye care as your prime motto while doing so. However, computer vision problem and eye strains might not get productive results from these sort of eyeglasses.


Numerous well-known brands have their own range of eyeglasses for men as well as women. Names of these brands include: Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Valentino, Christian Dior, Versace, Oscar & Fitch, etc. Along with brands, there are various trends that are popular in these eyeglasses. Rather than rimless glasses of past, people are opting for broad and chunky-looking frames of eyeglasses with engraved brand names on them. Some of these trends include narrow rim, thick rim, vintage metal wrap rim, round clear rim, round metal frame, Lennon metal, small yet chunky rim, thick rectangular rim, interlock spoiler, etc.

How to Select

If vision correction is not your priority, then suitability is the biggest factor that you need to consider while purchasing eyeglasses. The best thing that you can do is to find the best-suited frames for your face shape. A person with a round face should opt for frames with narrow proportions, while people with a heart-shaped face must opt for light top rims. People with an oval face must opt for wide-rimmed glasses, while people with a square face should opt for wider frames. You need to be pretty specific and choose the best eyeglass frames for both, women and men. If you want to buy sunglasses, then make sure that the lens color that you are selecting is either neutral (black or brown) or matching with the apparel that you are wearing. Also take your hair color into consideration. Blonds should opt for pastels and all the delicate shades, while brunettes should select the darkest shades of black and brown. People with gray or silver hair should opt for shades of blue, gray, silver, and hot pink, while rich autumn hues and shades of blues are ideal for redheads.

As you can see, the phrase non prescription eyeglasses is used in two totally different meanings, and hence, you need to be pretty specific while buying the best glasses for yourself.