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Orthopedic Slippers

Orthopedic Slippers - Highly Recommended Ultra-popular Footwear

Orthopedic slippers are amongst the latest designs in comfy, lightweight slip-ons available in the market. With various features of orthopedic footwear added to the ultra comfy slippers, these are becoming even more popular day after day.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Slippers are one of the most comfortable types of footwear, since they are lightweight, and can be slipped on and off easily. Orthopedic slippers are specially designed to provide more comfort, and keep your feet in the right position while walking around. With an arched insole, you need not worry about orthopedic problems like foot pain or heel pain after wearing these for a longer duration.
Choosing the Best
While regular slippers have a flat foot bed or insole, the foot bed of orthopedic slip-ons often consists of a built-in arch support. Apart from this, a soft cushioning can be found in most of the orthopedic type of slippers. You can look for slippers with an arch support that is suitable for the shape of your feet. You can also get a customized piece designed perfectly for the arch of your feet.
Apart from this, slippers with memory foam and removable insoles are also available. Added cushioning for heels is another feature that you can look for. This is especially useful if you walk a lot, especially on hard floors. You can also look for designs that offer metatarsal support, which is generally recommended while buying footwear.
Design Options
As their use is no longer restricted to the indoor setting, you can find a huge variety of fashionable slippers with orthopedic features. Rubber and leather are commonly used for the outer surface of the ones designed for women. The ballerina-style slippers with orthopedic features are a big hit in the section of women's footwear, due to the amazing combination of comfort and style. Pieces made of suede leather to grace the outer side, and a soft sheepskin lining that extends out to the ankles are quite popular.
Slippers for indoor use come with an inner lining that is made of sheepskin. This lining that adds a soft touch to the inner side of footwear giving optimum, day-long comfort to the user. The most popular materials used for making slippers are wool, polyester, cotton, and other skin-friendly fabrics.
You can find closed as well as open slippers for both men and women. Open-styled pieces leave your toes open, and are a good pick for summers. Slippers that are closed from behind, and equipped with various orthopedic support features, are commonly opted for outdoor use. The closed pieces made of woolen or thick warm fabric, are a favorite indoor winter footwear for many.
You can easily find such slippers in footwear shops and on online stores. You can browse through specialised online portals that sell orthopedic footwear, and find a wide variety of designs that provide comfort, as well as add to the fashion quotient.
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