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Polycarbonate Lenses

Stuff You Didn't Knew About the Long-lasting Polycarbonate Lenses

When it comes to eye glasses, there are many types of lens material available. However, polycarbonate lenses are considered to be the best.
Marlene Alphonse
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Polycarbonate is a type of tough and versatile plastic that is used mainly for the manufacture for various things from bulletproof windows to compact discs (CDs). These days, polycarbonate is also used for making lenses that are light weight and almost damage proof. Though there are different types of eyeglass lenses, when it comes to eye safety, polycarbonate lenses are considered the best option. These lenses can be used for eyeglasses, sports eyewear and sunglasses etc.
Clear polycarbonate is used in the manufacture of eyeglasses, since it is transparent, durable and has a high infraction index. These lenses are the first plastic high index lens having one of the highest index ratings (1.59). They are thinner and more durable than other conventional and glass lenses and are used as prescription glasses for correction of vision of even very high numbers.
All about Polycarbonate Lenses
These corrective lenses are also used for making sunglasses that make the use of filters to block the harmful UV rays of the sun. These lenses are also polarized to block glare and are also perfect for sports wear since they are high impact resistant. The use of polycarbonate to make eyeglass lenses was introduced in the early 1980s in response to the demand for light weight, durable and impact resistant lens. These lens offered 100% protection from the harmful UV rays and were up to 10 times more impact resistant glass or plastic lenses that made these lenses an instant hit. These lenses can be fitted into eyeglasses frames for people using glasses to give them a stylish look.
Polycarbonate lenses are an excellent choice for making children's glasses and safety glasses since they are resistant to scratches as compared to the standard plastic lenses. These lenses are also used to make rimless eyewear designs, as they can be easily shaped without worrying about cracks or splits. All this results in extremely lightweight, fashionable, distortion free eyeglasses that have the ability to correct vision depending on the eye problem.
The cost depends on the prescription and power of the glasses. A standard price will be approximately $74 for a pair of glasses that includes features like non glare, UV protection and scratch resistance. However, the prices vary from place to place. There are also attractive eyeglass frames for women, fitted with this type of lens, for that chic and professional look.
Polycarbonate Lenses vs High Index Lenses
High index lenses are used as an alternative for standard plastic eyeglass lenses due to their proficiency to bend light to a stronger degree. Though these lenses are expensive than the normal lenses, they have the capability to reduce the weight and thickness of a prescription glass. Hence, higher the infraction index of the lens, the less material is needed to get the desired prescription glass.
These high index lenses are 25 to 65 percent thinner than the standard plastic eyeglass lenses. Though these lenses have the same benefits like the high index lens, one of the problems is that they are vulnerable to scratches. Utmost care must be taken to prevent them from getting scratches, since they only come with a scratch resistant coating that should not be confused with scratch proof. These lenses are also difficult to coat or tint as compared to the high index lenses. Glasses fitted with this kind of lenses are also likely to create aberrations or distortions, in comparison to high index lenses, to vision and color.
How to Clean Lenses
Cleaning eyeglasses fixed with polycarbonate lenses is easy. Just take a soft cotton cloth and wet the tip of it in warm soapy water. Gently rub the lens in a circular motion and wipe off the water with a dry soft cotton cloth. You can even use mild lens cleaners that are easily available at any optician to clean your eyeglasses having these lenses. However, avoid using hot water or methylated spirits to clean the lenses as this may cause damage to the lenses.
If you are 'prone' to breaking eyeglasses, then polycarbonate lenses is the thing for you. Choose an attractive frame that suits your face and you could even turn it into your signature style.