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Summer Safety Tips

Handy Life-saving Safety Tips to Make the Most of Your Summers

As the mercury rises mercilessly, one must take necessary steps to protect themselves from severe weather. Here are some healthy tips, that can make this hot season a pleasant experience.
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Last Updated: Feb 8, 2018
While summer is a time for vacationing, it doesn't mean one should ignore safety concerns as the temperature increases. When moving out of the house, it is necessary to protect the body from the intense heat. Protection from the sun is required all the time, when outside the house. Avoid stepping out in the afternoon, as the sun is at its peak and most harsh. Sunburn is a common problem, that occurs during summer season. Sunburn results from prolonged exposure to the sun.
An easy way to protect the skin from sunburn, is to use the right sunscreen lotion. One can also limit the exposure to the sun by wearing hats and sunglasses. Dressing in light-colored clothing with long pants and sleeves, helps fight the scorching heat. Dark-colored clothes absorb heat whereas light colors reflect it, thus keeping you cool.
Avoid Strenuous Exercise
Physical activity should be kept at a minimum, to avoid heat exhaustion. One must avoid spending long hours in the sun, as it can lead to serious health problems. People who are overexposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun are at a great risk of developing skin cancer. Taking early morning walks is the best option, as the sunrays are less intense.
Increase Intake of Water
As the summer heat intensifies, one must be aware of the amount of water that should be consumed daily to stay healthy. Water is a precious gift to mankind and water comprises 70% of our body. It is an absolute must to drink sufficient water to prevent dehydration. The body needs to fulfill its daily requirement of water to work properly. During the months of summer, there is a great amount of liquid lost through perspiration. Drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water, is necessary to keep the body hydrated. Have plenty of fresh fruit juices and summer drinks. This will keep you energetic throughout the day.
Change in Diet
When the sun is bright, what you need to do is eat right. If one wants to stay away from illnesses in the summer season, it is necessary to choose foods wisely, to protect the skin and maintain overall health. Beneficial foods that help cope up with summer and add nutritional value to the diet include salads and fresh, green leafy vegetables. Spinach and chard (silver beets) contain a high amount of vitamin A and vitamin C. These nutrients are antioxidants and protect against skin damage. The vitamin B in spinach promotes a healthy skin, as they help prevent dry skin, itching, rashes and skin diseases.
Wheat grains that include whole wheat breads are rich in zinc that is essential to repair burned skin. Add a handful of almonds to your diet and you are ready to beat the heat. Rich in vitamin E, this skin-loving antioxidant, when paired with leafy vegetables, can work wonderfully to keep your skin protected. Be it enriching your skin or providing energy for the day, almonds are nuts to watch out for. Cantaloupes are tasty, nutritious fruits which are high in vitamin A. It plays an important role in repairing skin tissue. Including this fruit in your diet ensures a healthy, well moisturized skin.