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57 Things You Can Enjoy if You are Not a Phone Addict

With the increasing number of people that have a more personal relationship with their cell phones, it has become crucial to keep the phones aside for a while and do something productive. In this WellnessKeen post, we have compiled a list of 57 activities phone addicts can engage in by themselves, with family members, and/or friends.
WellnessKeen Staff
You're a phone addict if you ...
  1. keep it in your hands 24/7.
  2. need to charge it before the day ends.
  3. take it with you in the loo.
  4. browse/text/email even at a social gathering.
  5. read this article on your phone.
Imagine a scenario―that mini heart attack moment when you don't feel your phone in your pocket. If you're nodding and agreeing with this statement at the same time, let us be the ones to tell you that it's not a wondrous scenario to be proud of.

Checking emails, texts, and social media notifications every few minutes may be the norm lately, but it shouldn't be a way of life for us. Surely, our beautiful world is a much better place to be where you can spend quality time with human beings (and some animals). Don't let your cell phone addiction dominate your life and interfere with work and relationships. Do give yourself an opportunity to not be a phone addict and enjoy the simpler things in life.
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Give yourself the opportunity to experience our magnificent world by giving your cell phone a much-needed break. You can keep the phone on you, but don't be tempted to check for emails, posts, tweets, or messages while you're enjoying any of the following activities.
Young Woman Cycling
Take a bicycle ride and get lost in your city.
As the days go by, technology is taking over our daily lives like a plague and concealing us from having personal connections with the outside world. But instead of your entire time glued to your smartphone, do give the above-mentioned activities (or any other) a chance to bring you back from the empty world of web.
Cellphone rehab facility
Meerkats and girls
Happy without internet
Children playing in park
Family having cellphone addiction