Tricks to Lower Blood Pressure Quickly

If you are diagnosed with a high blood pressure recently, then let me tell you that just taking medicines is not enough. You might just need tips and tricks to lower blood pressure quickly, some of which are provided in the article below.
WellnessKeen Staff
The other name of high blood pressure (BP) is hypertension. This is a health condition where the pressure inside the blood vessels increases. When blood flows through the arteries, it does exert certain amount of pressure on its walls and it is absolutely normal. However, when it flows through the arteries with an increased pressure, it indicates that the heart is putting extra efforts in order to circulate blood throughout the body. The need to reduce a high BP arises, because it can cause damage to the heart as well as to the arteries. Moreover, it increases the risk of serious health problems, like heart attack and stroke. The key factors that contribute towards this rise are high levels of cholesterol, obesity, excessive stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, aging, and a number of underlying health disorders. This article will give you some effective tricks to lower blood pressure quickly.
Essential Medicines
Like it or not, if the BP is too high, you have to take medicines. There are various hypertension medicines that work in many different ways. Thiazide diuretics are widely used to treat this condition. It improves the body's ability to excrete out salt and water from the blood. This in turn, decreases the volume of blood in the body and the BP is lowered. Beta blockers are often prescribed to open up the blood vessels. Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE inihibitors) widen up the vessels, and thus, the pressure within them goes down. Vasodilators relax the muscles of the vessels and prevent them from narrowing down. Renin inhibitors, angiotensin II receptor blockers, and calcium channel blockers are some other common medicines that are used to control high BP. The medicines that are suitable for you and their dosage are determined by your doctor after considering your age and medical history. It is your responsibility to take those medicines as per their instructions in order to bring down hypertension to the normal range.
Simple Tips and Tricks
Maintain a Healthy Bodyweight: Those who are overweight need to lose those extra pounds as soon as possible. This is because obesity tends to aggravate this problem. When you have a huge body, it increases the workload of the heart, as it has to pump out larger volumes of blood. Moreover, when you have a proper body weight, then the medicines work more effectively.
Eat Healthy Foods: Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for your health condition, because they are rich in calcium, potassium, and vitamin C. These nutritional components are essential for reducing high BP. Whole grains are considered as an important healthy food, as the dietary fiber present in them can decrease the cholesterol level. Fried foods, junk foods, and meat should be eliminated from the diet, because they contain high amounts of unhealthy saturated fats which are bad for heart health.
Minimize Sodium Intake: Sodium is extremely harmful for you when you have high BP, as it aggravates the condition. Therefore, make sure you use very less amount of salt in your foods. Frozen foods and processed foods have high sodium content, and you must strictly avoid them.
Exercise Regularly: Physical exercises can make your heart stronger. As a result, your heart can pump out blood without putting any extra effort. Thus, exercise can help to a great extent. You should exercise for half an hour, 5 days a week to keep your heart in healthy state.
Stop Smoking: Smoking has several ill effects on your health. Nicotine present in tobacco has a tendency to constrict the vessels. So, if hypertension patients smoke, then their chances of getting a heart attack and stroke increase manifold. For this reason, you must stop smoking and avoid passive smoking as well.
Stay Away from Alcohol: Excessive consumption of alcohol can aggravate this problem further. For this reason, alcohol consumption should be minimum. It should not be more than one drink a day. If you cannot drink in moderation, then it is advisable that you avoid it completely.
Reduce Stress: Complete stress reduction is essential for the purpose of reducing hypertension. Under the influence of excessive stress, the heart rate tends to increase and causes a rise in BP. Therefore, learn relaxation techniques or enjoy some hobbies so that you can keep your mind free from stress.
These are the few of the most effective tricks to lower one's blood pressure quickly. Continue to maintain this healthy lifestyle even after the hypertension becomes normal. An unhealthy lifestyle can increase it all over again. Do not forget to monitor the condition after regular intervals of time as per the instructions of your doctor. This is essential, because there are no specific signs and symptoms that can suggest you that your BP is going up.
Disclaimer: This WellnessKeen article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.