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10 Valuable Tips On How to Sober Up Fast

Went overboard with the alcohol and have a physics assignment due tomorrow? Or perhaps a very important meeting with your boss? You need to sober up, and quick. Read on, WellnessKeen tells you how!
WellnessKeen Staff
Hangovers not only affect you, but they also affect the economy. Research suggests that hangovers cost the country approximately USD 145 billion a year, thanks to hungover employees missing work, and bad job performance.
I think most of us have been there, and we always had (il)legitimate excuses, like "It was a party!" or "Come on, it was my birthday!" or even, "It was my best friend's birthday, how could I not drink?" One drink turned to two, two turned to three, and three turned to a number that's best left unmentioned. Do I sense color rising to your cheeks? Yes, most of us have been there! The problem is, even though drinking that much of alcohol was fun, in a way, there came a moment when you suddenly realized that you were too drunk to go back home, or do anything else―"Shoot, I'm staying at my grandma's for the weekend, and she's a teetotaler!" or "I have a meeting with my boss in 5 hours that could make or break my career." or "Oh great, I'd forgotten about that paper that's due in a few hours!" What can you do at such a time?
Instead of going into panic mode, you can try sobering up. Though the validity of these methods does depend upon each individual situation, you can try them for your own sake. Here are a few valuable tips on how to sober up quickly.
Stop drinking immediately
First and foremost, stop drinking. You need to nip the problem in the bud, which in this case, will be your bottle of vodka or Jack Daniel's. Don't worry if anything is still left in your glass, you don't need to finish it. In fact, you should definitely not finish it. This does not mean you can switch to beer or other drinks with a lesser alcoholic content from your whiskey! If you must drink something, get a glass of pure water.
Drink plenty of water
Didn't we mention that you can switch from your alcoholic drink to water? Drinking a LOT of water will help you quickly flush out the alcohol from your body. Make sure you don't drink water too much too fast as it will only make you uncomfortable. However, the amount of water you consume to sober up definitely has to be more than what you drink on a normal day. Alcohol dehydrates you, a lot. Water will replenish your system, and will help you feel sober.
Drink coffee
This is one of the most popular methods to kill your buzz. Coffee won't exactly sober you up, but it will contradict the sedative feeling that alcohol gives you and make you feel more alert. Please remember, though, coffee is dehydrating too, and you need to make sure you're drinking water as well to avoid the double-dehydration thanks to the coffee and the alcohol.
If there's one thing too much alcohol does to you, it's making you feel lazy and incapable of movement, and that's probably why exercise is the last thing you're thinking of doing right now. But it is also a good way to sober up quickly. Go for a walk, or better yet, go for a quick jog. You might find that the movement makes you feel alert and more conscious. Drink water during and after exercise to avoid dehydration.
Take a cold shower
Yes, if you can, you should take a cold shower. The sensation of cold water will instantly make you feel awake and alert. Don't use warm water, because it won't work. Your shower should last for not more than five minutes. However, if you've been throwing up, stay away from this idea. In case you're in a place where there's no access to a shower, splash your face with cold water, it may help.
If you've had alcohol on an empty stomach, it's only natural that you're feeling more drunk than usual, because there's nothing in the stomach to absorb some of the alcohol. Get something to eat if you want to sober up. Food that's rich in carbohydrates or protein will definitely make you feel better. Don't nibble on a salad, get a big meal, 'cause you totally need it! Even if you've eaten before drinking, eat again.
Drink fruit juice
Drink a few glasses of fruit juice to help speed up the sobering process. Most fruit juices contain fructose and vitamin C, which will help your liver in processing the alcohol. Plus, fruit juices will give you some much-needed energy, and as they're liquid, they'll also do pretty much what water does―help you flush the toxins out.
Try to concentrate
Tell yourself firmly that you want to sober up, and that you HAVE to sober up. Try fixating your mind on something else―maybe read a book, talk to someone, solve a puzzle―anything that helps your mind become focused again.
Induce vomiting
Though it sounds extremely gross, many people have claimed that they felt pretty sober after throwing up the alcohol they had consumed, and it is quite true. Throwing up is also a way to flush out the alcohol from your system, and if it hasn't happened on its own yet, you might want to try inducing it. Keep your head lowered, make sure you're near the toilet bowl, and try putting your fingers a little down your throat. It'll be an unpleasant experience, but it'll get the alcohol out of you. Make sure to drink water after you're done throwing up, and perhaps get a little something to eat.
Get some sleep
deally, this is the best way to sober up. If you have the time, you should definitely just get some rest. Sleeping will relax your body, and you'll wake up feeling better. Don't forget to drink some water, and eat something before you go to bed, so as to avoid a bad hangover the next morning. Try to squeeze in at least seven hours of sleep, trust me, it'll help.
The best remedies for a hangover are time and a lot of rest. To be honest, all these methods are only to help you get over a high quickly when there's no other alternative.

In any case, even if you feel sober after trying one of these methods, do NOT drive home or anywhere else immediately afterward. You're only feeling sober, but the alcohol in your system is still enough to cause dangerous accidents. Secondly, try going easy on the alcohol the next time. It might seem fun at the time, but the horrible hangover that comes the next day is definitely not worth it!
  • This article is for informative purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for medical help. If you feel you or someone has alcohol poisoning, seek medical help immediately.
  • These methods are not meant to treat alcohol addiction.
  • Drinking responsibly and in moderation is the best way to ensure such situations don't crop up.