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Best Shoes for Flat Feet

What You Need to Know While Choosing the Best Shoes for Flat Feet

Finding the perfect pair of shoes is a tough task. However, if you have flat feet, then the task takes on a more challenging role. In this WellnessKeen article, we will discuss which shoes are best suited for your feet.
Aparna Jadhav
Flat Feet and Running
Generally speaking, most people with flat feet tend to overpronate (push off almost entirely from the big toe and second toe) during their running form. Which is why, it is essential to wear shoes with extra medial support or place shoes inserts in order to minimize risk of injury.
The tarsal and metatarsal bones helps create the arch of your foot. This inwardly acts as a natural shock absorber. When you stand, walk, run, or do any kind of movement on your feet, this arch works as a cushion to minimize impact from your feet, ankles, knees, and hips.
But not everyone has a similar type of arch; they can be different in height―high arch, normal arch, low arch, and no arch. People with flat feet, you guessed it, don't have an arch and are more prone to injuries and stress on their bodies. Which is why, finding the right support, in terms of shoes, is important.
Types of Shoes to Wear
Over the past couple of decades, many footwear manufacturers are keeping the importance of specially-developed shoes for people with flat feet in mind, and designing their products. In order to keep your feet comfortable and safe while you're engaging in a variety of physical activities, it is necessary to know that there are three types of shoes recommended for you.
Support Shoes
Many of you already know this but wearing flip-flops, sandals, or high heels is a big no-no for you. Since there is no natural support available, your feet require support shoes which have a strong heel or grip to hold the ground. Without giving the arch any additional lift, these shoes are designed in a way to provide 'added support' to what a normal arch of the feet are supposed to do.
Stability Shoes
As we already discussed earlier that people with flat feet tend to overpronate while walking or running, this can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress on the ankles, feet, and knees. Since straight landing on the foot is not possible, the stability shoes can help correct this issue. While shopping, look for 'stability control' shoes from your favorite brands.
Motion Control Shoes
The motion control shoes are usually the most inflexible and rigid types of shoes designed for flat feet. They have heavy soles which are hard and tough, but are very durable in almost all weather conditions and grounds. These shoes are basically meant for heavier people who have flat feet, since they need more support while walking. These shoes are not running shoes since they are very heavy to handle, and can prove to be uncomfortable at times.
Best Shoes of 2015
Keeping the latest research and development in mind, many brands are incorporating it to a variety of shoe models. Here is a list of the most notable shoes that are quickly becoming popular.
* The following names of products are listed in no specific order.
For Women
New Balance Women's W890v2
These lightweight, comfortable, and supportive shoes are beneficial to amateur and serious runners as the synthetic mesh material provides breathability and comfort. The shoes are waterproof, can dry quickly, have blown rubber sole for maximum absorption, neutral arch support, and weighs about 15.8 ounces only.
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15
For someone looking for reliable stability with an adequate amount of cushioning, these shoes can provide the perfect combination. They have an updated segmented crash pad from heel-to-toe so that there is a gentle and smooth transition during the entire stride. Even though a pair will run a half size smaller, there is enough room available for your toe. However, you can opt to get a size larger depending on your comfort level.
Saucony Guide 7
POWERGRID provides heel-to-toe cushioning, flared forefoot design gives extra support, improved toe-spring that gives more responsive ride, and additional deeper flex grooves ensures that the shoes move along with you during each stride. The shoes weigh around 8.6 ounces and you can select between three types―narrow, regular, and wide.
The best thing about these lightweight shoes is that they provide the ultimate support and absolute comfort. The GEL technology helps you to have flex grooves appropriate for human feet. Plus, with a stiff midsole, the shoes feel properly anchored for whenever there is a sudden change in directions. Even though the upper material can sometimes bunch up, these shoes are amazing for running short or medium distances.
Karhu Fluid 3 Fulcrum
These shoes will give you a sense of 'flatness' but with a wonderful ride once worn. With enough room inside the shoes for a comfortable fit, the shoes will stiff snug hold your feet. The mesh construction at the top makes them breathable during a hot weather. Plus, you also have a blown rubber outsole traction that provide stability for a light trail use.
For Men
Adidas Supernova Glide 7
With high cushioning from heel-to-toe, smooth ride, and a comfortable fit, these shoes are truly a work of art. With plenty of room in the toe box, you will still feel the shoes fitting your perfectly. Also, they claim that these shoes can last you over 500 miles of daily training. Weighing at only 10.7 ounces, you can wear them on fast-paced and longer runs.
Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12
With the Intercool technology, these shoes have ventilation channels around the length to disperse heat and humidity. The SmoothRide technology helps tackle rapid shifts in acceleration and deceleration during each transition. Plus, both the outsole and midsole platforms give you a comfortable stride every time.
Hoka One One Constant
Weighing at around 9.3 ounces, these shoes have a lycra upper frame, asymmetric lacing for reduced tongue pressure, and oversize active foot frame for maximum stability. The wide toe box gives you amazing comfort and perfect fit, but also gives you a firm, unresponsive ride.
Inov-8 F-lite 230
This lightweight, breathable shoes have synthetic mesh upper layer along with synthetic sole and sticky rubber outsole. The midsole platform has a double arrow shoc-zone that comes with foam padding and fascialBand that reinforces the plantar fascia ligament.
Nike LunarTempo
These lightweight shoes have soft cushioning and support you for any and all types of workouts. Either use them for daily or tempo runs, these claim to give you more speed with each mile. There is a durable outer fabric and ample reflective material. The only downside to these shoes is the tight-fitting toe box.
Nowadays, many brands are coming up with unique designs for shoes required by flat feet and thus you won't run out of choices. So, you can take your pick for the best shoes and easily purchase the ones which suit you the most.