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Experiencing Bitter Taste in Mouth After Eating? Here's the Remedy

Bitter Taste In Mouth After Eating
Many people experience bitter taste in mouth after eating certain food items. It may also be caused due to some medical condition. Let's discuss the causes and remedies to get rid of this annoying taste.
Niharika Arya
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2018
Usually we associate bitter taste with a disease or dental disorder, but sometimes the reason behind it is the food we eat. There are some food items which may trigger bad taste that remains in the mouth for a long period of time and can be bothersome.
Causes of Bitter Taste
There are some fruits and beans which have a very typical smell or taste, that stays back in mouth. It remains in mouth from a short period to many days. During this period you are unable to experience any taste apart from bitter or abnormal taste. It can also happen because of some disease. But if you are not suffering from any such disease then the food is the only cause. The chemical constituents of the food make our taste buds inactive and the bitter taste remains in the mouth for a long time. One of the food items that may be the major cause of bitter taste in mouth are the pine nuts. Let's find out more about the causes in the following paragraphs.
Pine Nuts
Experiencing bad taste in mouth after eating pine nuts is a very common phenomenon and the person suffering from it is known to have a 'pine mouth'. Pine nuts are used in many dishes, vegetable salads and are even sprinkled over some of the dishes. Although pine nuts are very tasty, the bitter taste they leave in mouth is annoying. Not only this, it is very difficult to get rid of this taste as it can stay back for more than 15 days. You will be unable to get any other taste in this duration as whatever you eat, will taste bitter. It is also said that the bad taste after eating them is due to the pine indigestion.
Many researches have been conducted to find out the cause behind the bitter taste caused due to pine nuts, but all ended up with different assumptions. Some believe that the bad taste may be one of the symptoms of an allergic reaction to pine nuts and some believe that it is due to the chemical composition of the nuts. The pesticides and other chemicals used on plants are also considered as the reason behind bitter or metallic taste in mouth by some of the researchers. But these all are just assumptions as these are not substantiated by evidence and the researches are still on to find the real cause behind the bitter taste due to pine nuts.
Many people complain that they experience bitter taste after eating sweets. It is not uncommon. The reason behind this is when you eat something sweet, your taste buds become used to this taste. Then when you eat anything else after having sweet, it will either taste bitter or will be tasteless. This effect remains only for few minutes and gets over on its own.
Other Food Items
Other food items which may cause bitter taste are mostly the ones which are acidic or sour in nature. Bitter chocolates, pickles, walnut, bitter vegetables like bitter gourd, fenugreek, etc., are also some of the food items which can leave a bitter or weird taste in mouth.
Medications like antibiotics, anti-thyroid drugs, neurological drugs, etc., are some of the primary causes of metallic or bad taste in mouth. This effect will last for a few days after stopping the drugs.
Oral Hygiene
Oral hygiene is very important for sustaining a good taste in mouth. Bacteria may act on the rotten food debris stuck between the teeth. This may cause a bad taste. Bacterial infection, and gum diseases could also occur due to poor oral hygiene. All these contribute to bad taste in mouth.
Other Causes
Acid reflux is a condition that is characterized by the regurgitation of gastric juices from stomach to the esophagus. Since the gastric juices taste bitter, it may leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Indigestion may also be a contributory factor. Bad taste in the mouth may be due to some disease. Diabetes and jaundice are the major ones. The person suffering from these diseases will experience bitter taste. However, bad taste is one of the many symptoms of such diseases, and a proper diagnosis can help to confirm the condition. People who have recently undergone a root canal treatment are susceptible to infections which in turn may lead to bitter taste. People taking chemotherapy sessions may also experience bad taste in mouth.
Remedies for Bitter Taste
If the bad taste is due to consumption of food items, refrain from having them. Here are few remedies which can solve your problem.
  • Drink as much water as you can. Initially water may also taste bitter but will help you to get rid of the bitter taste after sometime.
  • Take charcoal tablets which are easily available in the market. These act like a detoxifier and help in decreasing the effect of pine nuts.
  • Drink juices which have strong taste like orange juice, lime juice, etc.
  • Drink aloe vera juice twice a day. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties can help you minimize the effect of such food items.
  • Brush your teeth twice daily and properly clean your tongue.
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water and spit the water. This will help you get rid of the bad taste.
Now that you know the causes and remedies of bitter taste after eating, you should manage your diet accordingly. As pine nuts are the major cause for bitter taste, try to exclude them from your diet. This will help you relish delicious food.