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Coconut Water for Hangover

Coconut Water for Hangover

Most of us rely on morning relief pills to cure a hangover. However, we never realize that one of the best remedies for it is to drink coconut water.
WellnessKeen Staff
Do you believe in the old saying 'Work hard and party harder!'? That's fine until you are having a bad hangover the next morning. Coconut water has proven to be a good remedy in such cases. Drinking is not at all bad, but drinking too much is. When you feel dehydrated, lethargic, have a dry mouth, feel like vomiting, are very tired, and have a bad headache, what is it? They are all hangover symptoms.

A hangover is one of the after effects of drinking too much alcohol. We often believe that drinking a bit more shall not affect us and that we always have the capacity to hold a little more alcohol. However, we fail to realize that our body is not a dumping ground and that we need to take care of it. Every individual's body is different; which is why we should keep our drinking within limits and refrain from overdoing it.


There are a ton of benefits of coconut water which we are not always aware of. We fail to realize its importance and the positive results it gives within a short span of time. Coconuts are not easily available everywhere, especially in Europe. They are mostly found in tropical regions like Central America, the Caribbean Islands, Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, Philippines, India, and the United Arab Emirates, to name a few.

Coconut water is a healthy electrolyte drink; it is known to be the best Ayurvedic medicine to cure illnesses. It is cooling, is known to cure many infections, and provides proper nutrition required for the human body. It is fat free, low in carbohydrates and the calories are less as compared to most juices. It makes the immune system stronger and ready to fight off the infections caused by viruses and bacteria. It boosts blood circulation, increases memory, and helps in maintaining good health. It is strongly recommended by doctors when one is suffering from a urine infection, kidney stones, or during pregnancy as it flushes out the toxins that accumulate in the body. Coconut water, when replaced with energy-boosting drinks can work wonders for you.

Is it Good for a Hangover?

Coconut water does not contain anything artificial and is known to be an excellent cure for hangovers. After drinking lots of alcohol, the body automatically gets dehydrated. This happens because we tend to urinate a lot after drinking. When we wake up the next morning, we feel weak. The body requires lots of electrolytes to repair the damage caused by alcohol to the kidneys, liver, and digestive system.

If, however, you are not able to find a fresh coconut anywhere around, you can drink Zico Premium Coconut Water, Vita Coco Coconut Water or Cocofina Natural Coconut Juice, which are easily available at all retail stores.

If you wish to prevent a hangover, then the best way to do so is by drinking alcohol in limits, and not dehydrating the body.