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Cold Shower Benefits

Cold Shower Benefits

A cold shower is good for the environment and also automatically limits the quantity of water usage. These and several other benefits are listed in the following sections.
WellnessKeen Staff
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Some of us find it hard enough to get up in the morning and push ourselves to take a bath. The thought of a cold shower at that is even more unappealing. However, there are many benefits of taking a cold shower.


Pumps Up the Circulatory System
When our skin comes into contact with cold water, it leads to cutaneous vasoconstriction, which means that the blood vessels on the surface of the skin contract and push blood to the inner organs. This helps improve circulation to vital organs. This circulation rate helps to push toxins out of the body, making the heart work more efficiently. Some people say that alternating between hot and cold water helps to maintain circulation in both, inner organs as well as on the skin.

Healthy Skin and Hair
Very hot water tends to make the skin and hair dry. The hair and skin is protected from excessive drying by a layer of sebum, which is secreted by glands on the skin. When we take a bath with hot water, we tend to strip the skin of sebum. This makes the skin dry, and the hair brittle and dandruff- prone. This may even lead to permanent hair damage. Also, when hot water falls directly onto the skin, the skin pores open up. There are higher chances of having clogged pores, if these open pores are exposed to air and dust without closing. Clogged pores are a far cry from healthy skin, and you may even end up getting acne because of this.

Improve Fertility
Cold showers are said to increase fertility in men. The testes are outside the body because sperm cannot bear the body temperature. So, when a man takes a hot bath on a regular basis, it leads to a decrease in the number of sperm, and their motility rate. Thus, if you've been having problems with your sperm count, you may want to try taking a cold shower on a regular basis.

Wake up Call
The chill of the cold water will wake you up, especially when you are new to this practice. Thanks to the increased circulation in the body, you will feel energetic.

This may seem like an uncomfortable and strange proposition for you initially, but once you get used to it, you'll find it hard to switch back to warm baths. If you can't directly start with a cold shower, then start with warm water and gradually switch to cold water. There are some conditions where you may not want to take cold showers; if you live in a cold surrounding, you should never take a cold shower and then step into a cold room. Similarly, if you happen to be a heart patient or suffer from arteriosclerosis, then do not opt for cold showers. Otherwise, you may try a cold shower for its various benefits.