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Colon Cancer Ribbon

A colon cancer ribbon stands for the strength and fighting spirit of the patients and their family members. This write-up elaborates more on this topic.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Aug 22, 2018
The concept of an awareness ribbon is not that alien to us. It is a better way to show the support for that particular cause and/or disease. They are small-sized pieces of ribbon that are folded in a loop.
To find out the history of this fact, one has to go back at the start of the 20th century with those yellow ribbons, and later the "LIVESTRONG cancer awareness wristbands" that were invented by Lance Armstrong.
There are people who are for and against this idea. While they are hugely popular amongst youth and people of almost all age groups, some state them as an act of slactivism, meaning an act that has no active social effect. Here, you will come to know more about the colon cancer ribbon.
Vital information
There are various colors of awareness ribbons and so are the different meanings, accordingly. To support colon cancer, the ribbon color is dark blue. Basically, the colors are two, topaz brown and cobalt blue. In this case, selecting the ribbon for health cause becomes a question of personal choice.
Today, dark blue is the most popularly worn color, that is universally accepted. As a matter of fact, dark blue color also indicates several other issues, like opposition to child abuse, arthritis, free speech, water safety, and prostate cancer awareness ribbon color.
When a person wears this ribbon, he shows his support to the fight that the colon cancer patients have put to get back to the normal life, by learning to live with it. They also make the society aware that there is such a disease, and one must take adequate precautions to stay away from it.
These ribbons are worn by both supporters and the patients. There are these personalized ribbons that are decorated as per the choice of the person wearing it. A person can wear a plain blue ribbon or attach some accessories like an angel, that stands for protection, love, and faith; or a star, which stands for love and hope and looks feminine as well.
Awareness Accessories
There are various sorts of awareness accessories that are used to support several social issues and medical conditions. Rubber bracelets, T-shirts, key chains, and soft toys have these ribbons printed on them.
Also, there are ribbon brooches, pins, ribbon of hope pins, bracelets, awareness magnets, charm straps, that can be attached to the cell phone, caps, headbands, night caps, visors, mugs, and other things.
Colon cancer awareness accessories are numerous, and there are other awareness articles that can be gifted to the loved ones, to make them aware about this dangerous disease as well.
A person can wear a combination of this ribbon with a silver-colored ribbon, to sport his protest as well as support for all types of cancer, cancer patients, and cancer survivors.
The blue-colored star is the official logo of colon cancer, and March is the colon cancer awareness month, and hence, it can be the best time to sport the awareness as well as medical screening for the disease.
Remember that there are two out of every sixteen people who are diagnosed with colon cancer at an early stage, more than 90% cases are curable.