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Eyeglass Lens Replacement

Steps for Eyeglass Lens Replacement in Plastic and Metallic Frames

Have a broken lens and don't want to spend a lot repairing it? Well ... with these simple instructions, you can now replace your eyeglass lens at home.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
How to Replace an Eyeglass Lens?
Replacing an eyeglass lens is really very easy. If your lens has cracked, you can easily take it out of the frame and replace it with the new lens. All that you need, are a few simple instructions and a screwdriver. Seriously, that's all. However, depending on the frame of your eyeglasses, the procedures will change. Follow the one that suits you.
Replacing Lens in a Metal Frame
  • Take the screwdriver and loosen the screw that is fit into the sides of the frame. This screw holds the lens with the frame at a point on the side. Do not take the screw out because it's very small and you might lose it.
  • Loosen it enough so that you are able to take the lens out of the frame. While you take out the cracked lens out from the frame, hold the frame with your left hand if you work with the right.
  • Now, slip the new lens inside the frame and fit it inside the frame. Seat the lens into the rim of the metal frame near the screw and then glide it inside the frame. Make proper adjustments to fit the lens accurately inside the rim.
  • Now tighten the screw with the help of screwdriver. Hold the lens while you rotate the screw.
  • After you have replaced it, clean the lens with eyeglass cleaner or a soft cloth.
Replacing Lens in Plastic Frame
  • For plastic frames, you can put the frame into warm water for twenty minutes. Soaking in warm water makes the plastic pliable and soft; this helps you in removing the lens easily, without trouble.
  • Take out the cracked lens with the help of screwdriver or just slip it out if it's not fitted with screw.
  • Put the new lens carefully inside the frame and tighten it with the screwdriver. Make adjustments in the frame if there's no screw or apply gentle pressure to fit it inside the plastic frame.
Now was that not simple to try at home? Simple repairing procedures like these don't only save you time, but also money. If the lens is damaged beyond repair, including a part of the frame, it's better you seek professional help. It is very important that your frame accurately holds on to the replaced lens.