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False Teeth Costs

False Teeth Costs

There are many reasons why you may need to opt for false teeth. With technology in the medical field advancing at a blistering rate, the false teeth available today have become very difficult to discern as well. In the following write-up, we tell you how much these cost, and the types you can opt for.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Oftentimes, dental injuries and gum diseases lead to loss of teeth. Geriatric dental loss is also pretty common. In such cases, false teeth or dentures can replace lost teeth. There are several options of tooth replacement to choose from. The choice would depend upon your age, number of missing teeth, whether you are looking for permanent replacement, and, of course, your budget. Each of these options vary a great deal in price, hence, it is difficult to predict the average cost of false teeth.

False Teeth Types and Their Costs

Partial Dentures
Dentures are those removable devices which your grandma probably wears while eating. They are available in partial and full varieties. Partial dentures are helpful when you only have a few missing teeth, and cost about USD 300-USD 500 for a low end product. Average quality partial dentures are available for USD 700-USD 1,800. If you wish to go for premium quality partial dentures, then you may have to shell around USD 2,000-USD 4,000. The cost of gold dentures are exorbitant as compared to acrylic or metal dentures.

Full Dentures
If you have more than a few missing teeth, then you might have to go for full dentures. Full dentures, again, are available in two types―single plate and double plate. When teeth on one side (either upper or lower) are damaged, while those on the remaining side are healthy, then you can opt for single plate full dentures. Double plates are useful when you have substantial teeth loss on both sides. Single plate dentures start at around USD 300-USD 500 for lower end models, and USD 500-USD 1,000 for average models. Premium quality single plate dentures start from USD 1,000 and may go as high as USD 4,000. Double the cost of single plate dentures and you get the cost of double plate in each segment.

Dental Crowns
Dental crowns are good artificial teeth options when you have the root of tooth undamaged even though a substantial part of it is missing. Dental crowns are also called caps, since it includes putting an artificial tooth over whatever is left of the original tooth. Since a dental crown is a cosmetic dentistry procedure, its cost is highly influenced by several external factors, such as location of the clinic, expertise of dentist, and materials used in making the crown. Considering all these factors, you should expect to shell anywhere between USD 500-USD 3,000 towards dental crown cost for each missing tooth.

Dental Bridge
A dental bridge is a permanent solution to missing teeth. A three unit dental bridge includes one false tooth and crowns on either side to connect the adjoining teeth. Four unit dental bridges are also available, which include two false teeth and two crowns. Resin bonded three unit dental bridge costs about USD 850-USD 1,200. Similarly, a four unit piece in same material costs about USD 1,700-USD 2,900. Superior quality dental bridges cost about USD 1,500-USD 4500 for a three unit piece, but may also go as high as USD 6,000-USD 9,000. Similar quality four unit dental bridges are available between the price range of USD 2,000-USD 12,000.

Dental Implants
Dental implants are the best and most expensive of all false teeth options. Basic dental implants start from USD 1,250-USD 3,000 and may go as high as USD 15,000-USD 30,000. Dental implants often include bone restructuring and other surgical procedures which contribute to the high cost.

The cost of false teeth may be covered by dental insurance, if a medical condition warrants the dental procedure. Dental treatments done for aesthetic purpose are rarely covered by insurance.