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Good Mattress Brands

Good Quality Mattress Brands for You to Check Out

There are quite a few good mattress brands out there to choose from. This article lists the factors to consider while selecting a mattress and some popular brands.
Rutuja Jathar
A normal human being spends about one third of his life on a mattress. This fact highlights the significance of two main things: the role of a good night's sleep, and a comfortable bed to sleep on. This is the reason why a person must select the best mattress to ensure good sleep and avoid any health complications due to incorrect sleeping posture on a bad mattress. Since there are numerous brands out there, it can really confuse a customer which one to opt for. You first need to understand the types of mattresses that suit you the best.
How to Select a Mattress
First of all, you need to understand the basics about how to choose a mattress. To do that, consider a few things like comfort, firmness, support, durability, and cost. You need to research, be it online, in person, or by going through various reviews. Once you shortlist a few brands, then is time to test the mattress and find out whether it is true to its claims. Lie down on the bed and find out if it's comfortable for you. Only purchase it once you are confident about its comfort and durability. Remember to pick a brand that you trust from a reliable dealer.
The warranty is a factor that you need to consider. The warranty period varies from 10 to 25 years. You might also get a 3 month unconditional guarantee as well. However, don't count on it, since it is a secondary factor. A few popular types of mattresses include the Futon, water, air, adjustable, innerspring, foam, and memory foam mattress. In order to select the best amongst them, you need to compare all these types and then settle on one. Some of these are also beneficial for bad backs.
List of Brands
Along with all the points mentioned above, the size is also an important factor that you need to consider. Make sure you opt for the size according to the type of your bed. Some sizes are: California king, queen, full, twin, and extra long queen-sized bed. Here are some of the popular brands that you can consider before purchasing a bed for yourself.
  • Aerus
  • Isoform
  • Bodipedic
  • Bragada
  • Comfortaire Air
  • Kingsdown Innerspring
  • Night Therapy
  • Sealy Posturepedic
  • Sealy SpringFree
  • Select-a-Firmness
  • Serta
  • Simmons Beautyrest
  • Sleep Innovations/Novaform
  • Sleep Number
  • Spa Sensations
  • Spring Air
  • Stearns & Foster
  • Tempur-pedic
Other dependable brands are Royal-Pedic Quilt-Top, Cerulean from Comfortaire, Bodipedic Visco-Elastic, Otis Bed Futon, Gold Bond Futon, and Futon Planet. A mattress may cost you around USD 600 and more. So, depending on your budget and the brand, choose the right kind and sleep well.