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How to Stop Drinking Alcohol on Your Own? It's NOT That Tough!

How to Stop Drinking Alcohol on Your Own
Are you considering "quitting" alcohol, and that too on your own? Trust me it is not that difficult. There are a few things that you will need to do, and a few things that you will need to take care of.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Jun 11, 2018
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Does drinking come in the way of your relationships, your career or cause embarrassment for you/your family? If yes, you need to quit drinking as soon as possible. Yes, I know that it is easier said than done, but one can really quit drinking alcohol on their own.
Your first few options might revolve around seeking help from the doctor, joining a support group, or may be even setting a deadline in the near future to combat your drinking habit. But have you thought that it is possible "on your own"? Of course it is!
If you are not a compulsive drinker, then you do not need "Alcoholics Anonymous" to hold your hand and guide you to redemption, right?

So, if you are a heavy drinker and would like to stop drinking on your own, then these "stop drinking tips" should help you out to know how to stop drinking alcohol on your own.
How to Quit Drinking On Your Own
Try to Focus
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For anything to work, one needs to be able to focus on it. The same is the case with quitting alcohol.
Focus on the fact that you shall not drink. Tune your mind to avoid the need to get "just one drink" and for a little while, do not take too much stress at work. For habitual drinkers (ones who are close to alcohol addiction), stressful situations lead to the need to drink alcohol, so try not to stress.
Prioritize your Self-esteem
Challenge yourself that you can live without a drink. This is a strong challenge, but if you succeed, it will do wonders to your self-esteem. Push yourself initially day by day and then week by week. Slowly and steadily you will get over the habit.
Aids Weight Loss
Bear in mind that if you stop drinking alcohol, you can find yourself maintaining the perfect weight. So, bring the two together. Make sure you exercise daily. If you feel like going and getting a drink, get your self a nice Caesar salad, or a coffee or tea.
My friend actually made it a point to have green tea every time she had the craving to drink alcohol. Now, she has a perfect body, amazing skin and no alcohol in her system!
Avoid People Who Drink
When you are making an effort to quit drinking, then it is best to avoid the company of friends who love their drinks. You can catch up with them later, because, it is very easy to start drinking again, but too tough to get back to your old decision of quitting alcohol.
Help Others
One thing that I have gathered from my life experiences is, that when you are battling with a difficult time in life, find time to help others too. This will give you the strength to help yourself.
So, if you are trying to stop drinking alcohol, help others to do the same. Tell your friends (only those who are excessive drinkers), the side effects of alcohol. Even if they don't listen, it is okay. Try to help them, and keep yourself away from being brainwashed by them.
Self-hypnosis is a Way Out
Self-hypnosis has proven to be a great way to rid a person of the smoking habit. One can use it to stop drinking alcohol as well. Repeat affirmations to yourself about not drinking and focus on your need to stay away from it.
Self-hypnosis is only as strong as the person's will. So, try out this option, only if you are absolutely sure that you do not want to drink.
Blogging to the Rescue
A method that works wonders is blogging about your experiences while you are trying to stop drinking. Share the difficulties that you are facing and the hard work that you are putting in. It helps you in expressing yourself, and your readers to know that if they also try it out, they are not alone. You can use it as a substitute to drinking.
Whenever you feel the urge to drink, start blogging! If you give in to the urge, write it on the blog, the guilt will make you refrain from giving in again.
These methods work effectively. The key is to "really" wanting to quit drinking. If you are not ready, then none of these will work for you. So make sure that you are ready to quit drinking, because once you start down the road, there is no turning back. And once you achieve it, the feeling is simply great, and those around will applaud you for your effort.