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Improve Your Memory

Painless and Uncomplicated Ways to Improve Your Memory

Forgetting little things everyday can ultimately lead to a bigger problem someday. Pull up your socks and learn here, how to improve your memory effectively, to avoid such a scenario.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
I can't find my keys!
Where did I keep my wallet?
I know her! We went to college together, but I just can't remember her name.
I forgot today was the last day to pay the bill.
I can't remember whether I turned off all the lights before leaving.
How many of you can relate to even one of these situations mentioned above? Most of you would be able to, because remembering these things, among everything else that we have to remember, is usually a challenge. I had once read somewhere that the reason we forget small details is because we have much bigger things to think about and remember. As much as I would like to attribute this 'fact' to my gradual memory loss, a more believable fact is that our brains are capable of retaining all things, big and small, in equal capacity. The real problem is that we are not using our brain to its maximum capacity, and because of various factors, its function is slowly deteriorating. We overlook small but important details, we are constantly stressed, we don't exercise or eat right, and all this leads to poor memory and concentration.
So here are some tips on memory improvement, which when followed properly, will help remember the smaller details, such as those of an upcoming presentation, to the deadline of an important payment, as well as whether you switched off the iron before leaving your house or not.
Memory Enhancement Techniques
The memory enhancement techniques given here, when followed regularly, are sure to make you forget you ever had a memory problem.
To improve your memory, both mental and physical exercises are essential. While physical exercise ensures adequate oxygen supply to the brain and makes it more alert, mental exercises ensure that the mind does not become lethargic, and is active at all times.
  • Often, the monotony of a routine makes the mind lethargic, as there is nothing new it is exposed to. This routine then becomes a way of life, and affects memory and concentration. To break this monotony, indulge in something completely new, like an activity you have never done before. Expose yourself to the outdoors, or go on a trek to stimulate the mind.
  • Try out these memory improvement exercises, that have been specifically designed to help improve your memory.
  • Make a deliberate effort to associate a particular memory with an image. A lot of us naturally have a photographic memory, wherein we are capable of remembering images more easily. Even if you are not one of those, your habits can be changed by practicing deliberate image association. For instance, when you leave your keys on the table, take in the image around you, the other things on the table, the people around when you are placing your keys, and repeat to yourself, that you are placing the keys there. You can easily swish out the door without scampering around for your keys the next morning.
  • An important activity that clears the mind and helps in memory and concentration is deep breathing and other techniques like yoga. Try out some deep breathing relaxation techniques that relax the mind, and thus, make it more functional than it now is.
  • Constant repetition of a particular activity also helps in improving memory. For instance, if you have to remember a number and have nowhere to note it down, repeating the number over and over again will definitely have it etched in your memory. Similar such actions, when performed daily, can help you remember the little things you are so prone to forgetting.
Applying any of these exercises and techniques to improve memory are sure to make a difference in your memory power.
Adapt to Your Environment
Many of you may have experienced that the environment you are in at different times of the day, has a different effect on your memory and concentration. For instance, if you are sitting indoors in a drab environment, with the walls in a dull color, and the people around you dressed in gray shades, you are likely to feel worn out just by seeing all this. On the other hand, if you are asked to sit in a park and work, on a bright day, your output is bound to differ. This however, is technically not always possible, which means you have to adapt to the environment you are in. If you are in a drab environment, it doesn't mean you have to contribute to it. In fact, break the monotony, infuse some color yourself by dressing differently, and remember to perform those exercises mentioned above. Once you get used to this routine, no environmental condition can affect the power of your memory.
Avoid Multitasking
If you want to improve your memory, concentration and attentiveness, avoid multitasking, at least until you see a significant difference in these. This means, if you are doing homework or studying, keep the music turned off. If you are reading, ensure that there are no other distracting elements like a television or computer around you. Try to do only one job at a time. If you have to cook food, just cook food. Don't try to clean while you are cooking, or you're bound to miss out on an ingredient to be added in the food. As mentioned earlier, avoid multitasking only until you effectively learn how to improve memory and concentration.
The Importance of Sleep
A lot of us undermine the importance of sleep in order to 'make the most of life' until the wee hours of the morning. Once in a while, it is all right to give up on a little of your sleep, but to maintain good memory and concentration, you must get the right amount of sleep (6-8 hours) everyday. Also remember that sleeping too much can have the same negative effect on your memory. The most important thing to remember is to get just enough sleep that affects not only your brain functions, but also your energy levels throughout the day.
Most of us are prone to forgetting because of the haphazard way in which we live our lives. Everything is disorganized and in a mess, and there is nothing we do to change it. However, getting things organized in and around your house or office is one of the best ways to improve memory, and help you remember where you kept the electricity bill, or where your wallet is kept. If you have a file where all the bills are kept, you don't have to rack your brains to remember where it is. Similarly, if you leave your wallet in a specific place daily, you will not have to run around looking for it at the last minute. The same goes for those of you who are studying. If your study material is compiled well, it will be easier to study and recall all the material when preparing for a project or a test. Keep a memo board around if you are prone to forgetfulness, and make a list of the tasks you have to do before you head out. In short, neatness and organization will definitely improve your memory.
Eat Right
Apart from all these memory improvement techniques, there are certain foods that improve memory. These are popularly known as brain food, and include nuts such as almonds and walnuts, fish, milk and eggs, whole grains, kidney beans, etc. All these foods, eaten in a healthy manner will aid brain function, improve your memory and make you sharper. Avoid deep-fried, heavily salted or heavily sugary foods, as these are known to make both, the mind and body lethargic. Also, ditch the alcohol if you sincerely want to improve your concentration and memory.
Give up the Cigarette
It may be too much to ask for from some of you, but you have to give up smoking if you effectively want to improve your memory. If you can't give it up immediately, slowly reduce the number of cigarettes in a day. You may anyway be aware of the effects of smoking, and poor memory is just one of them. Save your memory, and yourself from other health conditions by giving up smoking.
With these tips, you can adequately improve your memory. These are simple measures and as you incorporate them in your daily routine, you will be amazed at how much progress you are making.