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Laughter Therapy - An Unexpectedly Effective Treatment

Laughter Therapy - An Effective Treatment
Today, when nothing is free, laughter is perhaps the only medicine that comes for free, but does miracles for us. Laughter is the best medicine! About 20-25 minutes of laughter every day can make you feel fresh, energetic, and young.
Nilesh Parekh
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Do you always feel stressed? Are you a heart patient? Is your blood pressure high? Do you want to improve your immune system? Do you feel depressed and are undergoing psychosomatic disorder? Do you want to feel younger?
If your answer to any of the above questions is "YES", then you must read on this article. Almost all of us have heard that "Laughter is best Medicine!", and it's a fact that there is no other thing that can help you in better ways than the way laughter does. It is scientifically proved that it helps us to be healthy in many ways. It helps us strengthen our immune system, relieves stress, improves our stamina, and makes us look and feel younger. There are several benefits of laughter therapy other than the ones stated above.
The base of laughter therapy is related to the idea of positive thinking, and an age-old philosophy according to which, if you want to be free from any mental problem and keep yourself healthy, all you have to start is the above therapy; make yourself feel stress-free and happy, and keep smiling always.

Let us see how a hearty laugh can help us in leaving a healthy life:
Most diseases are related to stress, tension, depression etc. When we are in tension we attract various problems/diseases such as: mental imbalance, high blood pressure, heart trouble, and so on. Laughter relaxes our muscles, and helps in relieving stress. When we laugh, our mind does not get distracted, and the thought process stops i.e., no other thought comes in our mind, keeping our stress at the lowest possible level.
When we laugh, the blood vessels carrying blood in our body expand, which results in increased blood supply to various body parts. Laughing also helps in keeping the level of stress hormones lower. Laughter helps in improving our immune system. As stated above, the base of laughter therapy relates to positive thinking.
It is proved scientifically that, if a person entertains negative thoughts while he is ill i.e., if he falls prey to depression, anger etc., about the illness, it results in weakening of his immune system, and then it takes more time and higher doses of medications to cure the illness. At the other end, positive thinking helps a person improve his immune system and become healthy again sooner. It helps in removing negative thoughts from the mind and not letting the immune system deteriorate further.
According to a research, laughter helps in increasing the number of Natural Killer cells, antibodies level etc., in our body, which fight against diseases that attack us, improving our immune system many folds. This has proved very helpful in fighting against some deadly diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and some mental disorders, the treatment of which requires a patient to have a stronger immune system. It also helps you feel and look younger by helping exercise your facial muscles.
Laughter also helps in fighting against mental stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and various other mental disorders. This reduces our dependencies upon various medications required to stay away from mental stress. People who try this therapy, feel much better, tension-free, mentally balanced, and they sleep properly than they used to, before trying it.
Laughter provides support in curing some chronic and hereditary diseases, asthma, obesity problems, addictions of various types etc., by improving conditions of the patient, such as strengthening immune system, blocking negative thoughts, arresting anger, and similar mental conditions. People, who cannot exercise because of their physical condition, have found this therapy to be very beneficial.