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12 Real Problems That Only Skinny People Can Understand

12 Problems That Only Skinny People Can Understand
If you're a bit on the heavier side, and envy thin people, then here's some good news for you. They too envy you, and have to face their own set of problems in their everyday lives. In this WellnessKeen article, we've enlisted some problems that are faced by skinny guys and girls everyday. Take a look!
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
"What people don't understand is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat; it's not a nice feeling."
― Kendall Jenner
No matter what body type you have, your immunity just can't save you from all the comments and jibes about your appearance. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side! While people who are overweight wish they could be thin and healthy, and are even trying hard to do so, naturally-thin people wish that they could be a little more healthy, and not skinny. Good news for those who are overweight. Although they think that skinny people have an easy life, it's not completely true. Believe me when I say this, even they have to face endless problems almost everyday. The comments that naturally thin or skinny people have heard are just as offensive and irritating as remarks on someone being on the heavier side. It's equally frustrating when people around you suggest that you should start eating more of fats, or think that you have an eating disorder. Enough said, here are some battles that skinny guys and girls fight everyday.
Struggles That Only Skinny People Can Relate To
You have a hard time while shopping
Half of your money goes into alterations, because nothing fits you perfectly. Shopping is a difficult task for you, because you never find the perfect pants or trousers that fit you on the waist and are long enough to cover your legs. And the most annoying thing for you is when you don't find anything that fits you from the adults' section, and you have to resort to pick stuff from the kids' section, even if you're in your 20s.
Belts and strings on elastic pajamas are your best friends
You are really thankful to the person who invented belts, because you just can't wear jeans, skirts, or trousers without a belt. In fact, you've also had to add more holes to your belts at times. This is the reason why you have a really great collection of belts in your wardrobe. And whenever you go shopping, you make sure that you buy pajamas or yoga pants with drawstrings. Umm... you know why!
You can't wear a bracelet or a watch without it looking weird
Because they fall off your hand. And when you shorten the belt of a watch, even the smallest size is bigger for your wrist. They never make bracelets, watches, or wristbands for your size.
You're always asked if you are anorexic or have an eating disorder
Do you ever feel hungry? Do you ever eat? Are you anorexic? You know you need some more flesh on those bones? Some of the most annoying questions, which you're tired of answering, but people still won't stop asking. They even suggest different foods and diets that will help you gain weight. As if you haven't tried them before! Moreover, they are always keen on watching you eat.
People always say that you're lucky
This is one of the most common comments that you get to hear. They think that you're truly lucky to have been blessed with a smaller frame, and would love to be like you. Therefore, they see no reason why you should be insecure or complain because you are skinny. Because skinny is not healthy?
It's impossible to sit on a firm chair for long
Because your buttbone/tailbone starts paining after sometime. Ouch! Therefore, you dread sitting on un-cushioned chairs and wooden benches!
You're always made to squeeze in anywhere and everywhere
People make you adjust anywhere, be it on the sofa or in a car, because you can fit in anywhere and occupy very little space. They automatically assume that you won't need much space, and don't mind if they squashed you in the middle with little space to breathe.
You're always told to be careful if it's windy outside
People think you'll get blown away with the wind, because you are THAT skinny. And you simply don't know how to respond to that.
People have given you different names
At some point in your life, people have called you weird names like twig, Size 0, toothpick, matchstick, skeleton, etc. People have even stored your name in their phones as 'Skinny (your name)'. Seriously?
You love it when you see 100 grams increase in your weight
After stuffing yourself with all kinds of foods, and horrible protein shakes and beers, when you weigh yourself and see 100 grams increase, you simply don't know how to celebrate.
People cannot digest the fact that you work out
Whaaat?! Why do you need to exercise? You're already too skinny; you'll become invisible! Take some fat from me! This is the reaction you get from everyone when you tell them that you work out everyday. Umm... being skinny is not being fit, FYI. So, obviously, you need to work out to stay healthy. But the worse thing happens when, in the hope of gaining weight, you end up losing three pounds!
They just can't believe that you love eating
People simply can't believe the fact that you love eating, and are hungry almost the whole day. But thanks to your genes or high metabolism, it just doesn't show! You get weird stares from them when you ask for the next serving of food.
It doesn't matter if you're skinny or curvy. All that matters is your confidence and how you carry yourself. Be happy with your body, regardless of the size and shape. And always remember, even thin people have a healthy appetite. So never ask them again where all of it goes!