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12 Truly Beautiful Things People Who Live Beachside Can Relate To

12 Things People Who Live Beachside Can Relate To
Having a beachside house is like living in a paradise on Earth. Surrounded by aqua blue and green waters, with various hues of the sky, everyday you can witness nature's serene beauty at its best.
Neha B Deshpande
Last Updated: Mar 22, 2018
Endless ocean, blue water, dreamy sky, tranquil beach, love in the air, mind fly high.
― Debasish Mridha
Imagine this scene: you're standing on the porch of a beautiful sea-facing house, listening to the beating waves, with salty wind caressing your hair, and the rustling palm leaves creating a beautiful resonance. What if this is reality? A friend of mine has a beachside property, and I consider her very lucky indeed.

Many of us rush to the beaches during the summers to beat the heat, and enjoy the tranquility and vastness of the sea. But those who stay near a beach are indeed lucky, since they need not make a special effort to go there. They enjoy the perks of having a natural scenery right in front of their house, and also enjoy many health benefits of living near the ocean. Don't you envy Charlie Harper's (Two and a Half Men) beautiful beach house? For a moment I wished I was Alan (or his son), and could overstay at Charlie's house forcibly for as long as I wanted!

Well, you can certainly relate to the following things if you live near the beachside:
Scenic Beauty
You get to enjoy the scenic beauty everyday, and also can see the canvas of the sky after sunset, a scene which most tourists miss. The marvelous and enchanting look of the horizon at sunrise and sunset is sure to transform you into an artist. You witness a different color palette of the sky every time.
Cherished Memories
If you have spent your childhood at the seaside, you had a really awesome one. You found no need to venture out too far for family picnics, and those moments at the beach gave you some of the most special moments of your childhood.
Your Wardrobe is Full of Tropical Colors
You know that your wardrobe is completely colorful, and you've to make a point to buy something if you have to go to a non-beach zone. Even your ornaments and home décor are sea-inspired. But hey, you won't care much about it, and you don't quite like anything else either.
Everyday is a Romantic Day
The vastness of the ocean, tranquility, and the gushing waves are perfect to create a romantic environment. And you need not travel to any other place to enjoy some serene moments with your partner. Just sitting in the comforts of your house, you can have all those cozy and lovey-dovey moments with your love.
Helps Concentrate and Think
There is no greater place to steal some lonely moments, other than looking at the ocean. You need to make an important decision, or want some peace to clear out all your thoughts? There is no better place than the seashore. Surprisingly, you will come out amazingly calm.
You Can Take Up Exciting Professions
Fancy some offbeat professions? Try your hand at being a scuba-diving or surfing instructor! How much fun would that be, wouldn't it? Your love for the sea increases the likelihood of you taking up a marine occupation.
You Know the Beauty of Seafood
You get to relish the most awesome and fresh seafood ever. And yes, you boast of it wherever you go, and you cannot enjoy seafood outside your territory.
You Don't Have to Pay for Recuperation
This is the best place for recuperation, and to mentally heal yourself. You can totally be yourself, and probably unleash yourself completely. And yes, nothing can beat the feeling when salt water touches your feet. It has been found that sea water has amazing psychological benefits too. Studies have proven that those who stay near the beach have a healthier lifestyle than others.
You Hate it When the Beach is Crowded
Yes, you hate it from the bottom of your heart when people rush to the beaches, and it gets covered by multicolored umbrellas, beach chairs, people in skimpy outfits, etc.
You Get to Enjoy Little Joys Which Others Can't
Swinging on the beach might sound childish, but when there, you're still a child at heart and do not bother about your age. You get to enjoy these little joys which others rarely can.
You Become an Expert in Making Sand Castles
Living here makes you an expert at making sand castles, and no one can beat the way you make them so meticulously. Well, at least not the tourists, since you've spent your entire childhood becoming an expert in doing just that.
Your House is Full of Sea Treasures
Your house flaunts your sea-side living style in every way possible. You have shell curtains, toy ships, and everything possible to depict the treasures of the ocean. Perhaps, as a child, you also dreamed of becoming a pirate, like Captain Jack Sparrow, and bringing some treasures home.
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