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A Look into Right-Handedness

A Look at Things You Never Knew About Right-Handedness

Since long there has been much hue and cry concerning a person's inclination towards being right-handed, or left-handed. There are many myths and superstitions on the same as well. It's required that we should broaden our thought process on this natural state of inclination. WellnessKeen tells you some facts and stories on the subject.
Prerna Salla
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
Some people in the recent past have observed that people who are left-handed don't have luck by their side. Until recently, mothers without the knowledge of the doctors forcibly made their children use their left hand more than their right. Since it was difficult for kids to adapt, and believe me, it still is, there were many who could not coordinate their minds to their hands. Sometimes, a rare phenomenon though, children would start stammering, a classic case on poor mental coordination.
One theory is that centuries ago, when battles were fought using swords and shields, right-handed people were more likely to survive than left-handed. This was because the right-handed fighters held their shield in their left hand to protect their heart from the opponents' sword (as your heart is slightly to the left in your chest). Fighters who fought with their left hand exposed their heart and were more likely to die.
Some believe more people are born left-handed but because there are more right-handed people they are only shown how to do things right-handedly. Despite all these theories, scientists are pretty sure that being right or left-handed is decided before you are born.
Your brain is divided into two sides, called the right and left hemispheres. The right hemisphere controls the left side of you body, while the left hemisphere controls the right side of your body. So, if you are a right-handed person, then the left side of your brain is stronger than the right side of your brain. You may be more emotional as a person and may have less logical reasoning, as compared to those who are left-handed, or so the theory goes! (Correct me if I am wrong!) But left-handed people have a stronger right side of the brain. Which simply means that their logic is greater, and they tend to be rather lethargic at times and are used to using reason as against physical power.
Research shows that about one in 10 people are left-handed. Nine out of ten babies suck their right thumb while they're in their mother's uterus, and about nine out of every ten people are right-handed once they're born. And to add to the confusion there are people that can use both their right and left hand are called ambidextrous. These people can co-ordinate almost all their functions with both their hands. What's even more interesting is that they tend to use too much of both hemispheres of their brain, even during their sleep! Their dreams are more structured and can be recollected unlike many. They can narrate what exactly they were dreaming about! Cool isn't it! I mean I can look into another person's exam paper, while I increase my speed of writing, I can write two pages simultaneously at the same time! Some food for thought I must say!
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