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How to Clean Belly Button Lint Easily

How to Clean Belly Button Lint
Belly button is one of the most neglected body parts that causes lint to collect in this body hole.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
Belly button, a tiny little hole on our stomach. It is a small, dark, moist area that we generally tend to overlook. The only time one thinks of a belly button is when one watches a belly dancer sway her hips or when we wish to get our belly button's pierced. Even when we bath, we tend to spend hours scrubbing our 'other' body parts squeaky clean and brush past the belly button. This causes one to observe a fluffy, fiber-like matter called lint peeking out of the navel.
How to Keep a Belly Button Lint Free?
Belly button is a nice place for bacteria and other dirt to accumulate. This makes us wonder where does lint in belly button come from? It was a great mystery about the origin and composition. However, scientists have finally found that the lint in the navel is composed of stray fibers from the clothes one wears. It also contains a bit of dead skin cells and body hair strands. It is seen that lint is more common in men than women, due to presence of more body hair on the stomach. Also, the fibers are generally from the underwear than upper body clothing. The fibers from the underwear are dragged up in the navel due to frictional dragging of the body hair upwards. If you are observing lint, and need to clean it, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps.
Normal Cleaning
Belly button lint can be cleaned when taking a bath. All you need is warm water, mild soap and a soft loofah or wash cloth. While you are bathing, make sure you apply a little bit of soap to your belly button properly. Clean the belly button inside and wash off with warm water. With a soft wash cloth, dry your belly button.
Use Q tip or Swab to Clean the Belly Button
q tips and swabs
Apart from cleaning your belly button when taking a bath, you can also clean it with the help of a Q tip. You will also need hydrogen peroxide, that is, household bleach or alcohol. Pour a little bit of hydrogen peroxide or alcohol in your navel. Then, let it be for about 2 minutes and use a Q tip to remove the lint present in the belly button. If you find your Q tip too dirty, you can use a new Q tip and repeat the cleaning process. Once you find your navel dirt-free, smell-free and lint-free, you can throw away the Q tip.
You can even clean your navel with the help of cotton buds or swabs used to clean your ears. You will also need little water in a bowl. Now, dip one end of the cotton bud in water and use it to clean your belly button. Be gentle or you may feel a bit of pain. Now, clean the navel all around, pushing the lint outside. If you feel your navel is still dirty, you can use a new swab and continue cleaning. Then take a clean soft towel or napkin and clean your navel. Apply a bit of neosporin or calamine lotion, if you feel the skin around the navel is too dry.
As you can see, it is very easy to clean the belly button. All you need is to make sure you give a bit more attention to your navel when taking a bath. You do not need anything specific, special or extra to clean out the lint. From the above information, you will find just water and some cotton swaps or Q tips will suffice, if you are worried about how to clean belly button. The lint present is totally harmless and can sometimes, be pulled out by your fingers. A little extra care will keep your self hygiene quotient to the optimum level.